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09-01-2007, 02:57 PM
***This is for all the guys who have grown a pair of balls, burnt the boat, and intentionally forgotten how to swim.

***Also from my blog last week

Man TD et all couldn’t have said it better in Transformations when they said it’s a long hard path to mastery. In fact I think that was quite an understatement. Life gets rough when you’re rising up, and it only gets tougher. It’s weird though, it’s like the tougher it gets the more equipped you are to handle it.

Lately I feel like everyone is just yanking and yanking and yanking at my brain. Every which way it seems as though people are either attacking me or trying to help me, but it’s hard to distinguish. It’s like yeah, I’ll take all the help I can get, but at the same time not all help comes off positive. Some of it is unintentionally negative, even from the ones you love most. At that point the only help you’re getting is the internal strength you’re gaining from standing up to it. Manning up so to speak.

Each day my life ends one minute at a time. As of yesterday I realized something though, it’s also changing one minute at a time. Every day and EVERY way I’m walking my path. I’m at a tough stage to break through currently, but I have faith in myself and my decisions. I’ve found a couple *truths* in this fucked up world along the way so far however and I feel the need to share them as there has to be someone else experiencing this currently out there.

1. In the end, it doesn’t matter.

At the end of your days, when you die in a freak hang gliding accident or peacefully on your death bed with friends and family at your side, everything that happened in life….DID NOT FUCKING MATTER. What matters is how fulfilled you feel by your own perception of the things you’ve done and what type of legacy you’ve left for people who supported you through thick and thin.

2. The only *truth* in and of itself, is to search for the *truth*.

That’s kind of confusing, but bear with me.

Geoff, former RSD instructor and toplair member once said “Follow those who seek the truth, and run from those who claim they have found it”. I’ve stuck by this quote for a longggg time. But regardless now, I believe searching for the truth passionately and with all you have and more is the only truth in that sense to be found. It’s beneficial to think of truth as a journey, not a destination.

3. Emotions are not meant to be used for logical decisions whatsoever.

Plain and simple ( TD talks about this a lot), they should not and CAN NOT be part of that decision making process if you are to achieve what you truly desire deep down. If they are, they control you (regardless of your rationalizations), not vice versa.

4. There is no reason NOT to live life to the fullest.

This pertains back to number one. In the end it doesn’t matter at all. Some might ask why life is worth living if they believe your reality (read: perception of the world) and legacy aren’t valid enough reasons. I never ask myself this question. I ask myself the opposite.

“Why SHOULDN’T I live my life to the fullest and pursue everything I’ve ever desired?”

This to me is an empowering question because I can not find a reason. This to me is stating the glass is half full, NOT empty. There is no reason not to live!!!! Might as well stay around and see what happens right? If you’re going to hang around, why be lazy?

5. Ultimately, your life is your making. No one else’s.

No one is responsible for you, but YOU. Regardless of how much help you get, tremendous amounts or nothing, in the end your life is your doing. No one to go out with? Tough, go out. Everyone is yanking at your brain and stressing you out? Irrelevant because you’re letting them do that to you and have that effect on you. It is ALWAYS your responsibility to look after yourself and everything that is personal to you.

6. Daily habits ARE your life, and they shape your life.

I go out and work on my social skills (among other things not so apparent) and work out every day at the gym or elsewhere like the sidewalk if need be. I also read daily at least for a few minutes something positive, something constructive, brain food as Anthony Robbins calls it. These are the habits that will shape who I become as a human being and a man. Where will I be 5 years from now after doing these 3 things EVERY day. Only time and my own unwavering certainty in my path will tell. That path reveals itself as I pickup speed down the hill towards my goals.

7. Question everything

People who think are hard to control In this community this particularly pertains to advice giving a la internet message boards. In my humble opinion, bull shit advice is RAMPID in the community.

The other week some guy I met at the convention was trying to give me like deep philosophical advice on women and life in general on a forum.

I met this dude and talked to him face to face. This guy doesn’t even go out. Total keyboard jockey, the last person anyone should be asking for advice. He looks like Casper the friendly ghost and couldn’t hold eye contact to save his life. Yet…he spews advice ( fulfilling one of his basic human needs, probably the need of significance) every so often and people who are genuinely trying to improve themselves follow his advice. Advice from someone like that lacks conviction and the experience behind it to make it real actual help, and hence it fucks most people up if they try to put it to the test..

What’s so weird, and concerning, is people who had never met him backed him up and supported what he said.

8. As soon as you think your bullet proof, you’re not.

This is something my dad told me way back when I was a kid (business related for him). It has to do with ego. As soon as you think there’s no room for improvement and growth, and believe it 100%, you just fucked yourself.

9. Live your life congruently and in sync

This may be at the bottom of the list, but damn is it important to me personally. This is ultimately what I’m after, my destination (which isn’t really a destination in and of itself). I want mastery of my self. I desire to live every second of my life in the closest thing possible to 100% congruency. Having your health, physical fitness, overall vitality and energy, the ability to effectively manage your emotions, and the mental strength to achieve anything you set your mind to are the bricks in my road to that congruency.

10. Grow every day

CANI is an acronym coined by Anthony Robbins in the book, Awaken the Giant Within. It stands for constant and never ending improvement. For me though, I just say GROW. If you are not growing, in any aspect of life and the world as we know it, you’re shrinking. Stagnation is equivalent to shrinking. You think the guys that have it *handled* aren’t improving their game constantly? Of course they are. Maybe not as aggressively as they once did but they still have some focus on it. Reaching a goal and then giving up is NOT an intelligent idea.

So what does all this come down to?

As you grow, as you rise up, people will try to bring you down consciously or unconsciously (human evolution and social conditioning come to mind here). It will happen. That path you’re walking so diligently and bravely will become extremely hard to stay on at times, somewhat like walking a tight rope; but having that unwavering faith in your personal decision to walk it will guide you through it. It will pass, no matter how bad the situation.

People may think your delusional (you guys should see some of the comments I’ve gotten on here), a complete nut job (also remember that crazy people rule the world, not the sane average joe), asshole etc... But regardless, I’m walking my path and will not be deterred. People will tell you to “take it easy” or “wait for the right time” (which is always NOW, since now is the only time we have).

It’s like I deeply appreciate everything anyone has ever given to me, but at the same time it’s harder and harder to find any advice that will do something besides harden my skin. As the saying goes, whatever doesn’t end your life, makes you stronger. Maybe that’s all I really need from this point forward, maybe not…

It’s things like this pm I got on a forum that help inspire me personally though

“You're 20 years younger than I and an inspiration. Solid work that night, everything by the book. Proof positive that these methods are point on.”

That sense of contribution is an outstanding feeling. It’s weird though being 19 and just being at the point I feel I’ve reached. I used to view anything negative in an egotistical way like “what do they know, I bet they weren’t at my level when they were this age, they’re jealous etc…”.

I know that’s not always right, in fact it’s probably pretty rare it’s right at all. That’s why I had to shift my thinking. I am proud of what I’ve done and achieved in life, by my own standards. Not someone else’s anymore. It’s a very similar concept to being a good person.

I view myself as a GOOD guy. Deep down I truly want to help people and have a positive influence on everyone possible. However I used to let this part of my identity be dictated by others. Now I have changed that source for being a “good person”. I am a good dude by MY OWN STANDARDS. I still have the fundamental good intentions for people, but for example with women I may come off as an asshole or cocky at times because I no longer give in to those external factors that can have such effect as being a “chode” or reactive.

“ Number one rule, I don’t give a damn about what other people think of me”.-Tim

It's funny, every few months Ill hear the same thing, "you still have a lot to learn". To me, this shows I'm making substantial progress. It demonstrates that I have taken *it* up a notch, enough for someone to notice and help keep me on the right track. It also reminds me that you can never know it all, there will always be more to learn. There is more to learn in this world than one can ever comprehend. Doesn't mean I won't try though ;).

Like my health. I feel I have my health basically solved. At such a young age it seems almost ridiculous but I feel its very true. Does this mean Ill stop trying to improve it and tweak it? No of course not. I still constantly question anything I can find on the human body and vigorously research it. It's the CANI principle.

Another thing at the fundamental level I’ve been noticing, is a change in consciousness as of recently. It’s hard to explain but it seems like less and less people understand what I’m thinking, how I’m thinking, why I’m thinking what I’m thinking etc… It feels sometimes like most people I converse with are in a box and are limited as to what they can THINK by that box.

For example, the color spectrum. As far as anyone knows, no ones mind can think of a color not seen on this Earth; there is no reference for it. The mind is confined by the world for what colors it can create in your imagination. Some people have a bigger box, some have a tiny box. I guess it boils down to how I’m relating to people as I rapidly change, and how they relate back to me. It’s frustrating at times when you know someone has literally no idea what you’re getting at, but at the same time this teaches you to become a better communicator.

When I started kicking my life into overdrive I asked myself “What steps can I take, what massive action can I do to dramatically increase the quality of life to the level I deserve?”.

I found the answers for me.

Going out, working out, and reading every day are the 3 keys to my life right now. I will do these regardless of external variables up to and including my emotions. There is no one thing or person that can stop me. I’m walking my path, and picking up speed. I will get to where I’m going no matter what it takes. I have the god given talents and resources to achieve anything I damn well desire and deserve, and I’m putting them to use every day. I HAVE a compelling future, the light at the end of the tunnel.

Does everyone have to use these? Of course not. Every one person is different from the next. I just hope people can find value in how I live my life and apply it to their own by cultivating their daily habits.

Party like a rock star.