View Full Version : Learning To Pick Up Halfway Through College

08-26-2007, 06:39 PM
Hey everyone,

I am getting ready to go into my 3rd year of university and I'd really like to kick my game into high gear.

I have an awesome group of friends -- we have some of the best parties. A few of my friends are natural PUAs -- but not me.

Because the college game seems to be something of its own, I wanted some specific advice on what to do.

My game has not been doing well because I've hit a rut with picking up and it has somewhat affected my confidence in approaching women. Don't get me wrong, I'm do not have low self confidence in most cases. But when I try to pick up women, I seem to feel that they wouldn't be interested in me. I know that I just need to start working on my own reality to get past this.

Now, with social groups already well defined in school, what are some tips on how I can meet new women? I'm not the biggest fan of canned material and openers in certain places such as school.

...A fairly broad question, but still very relevant to the college atmosphere.

Wild Turkey
08-31-2007, 12:41 AM
As someone who just broke up with his GF who I dated the first 3 years of school (and i'm about to start my 4th). My buddy who is a natural pua (nicknamed "slutty") used to dormstorm. He's go up to every girls' door knock on it and talk to whoever was in there. A little extreme perhaps, but it got him a shitload of numbers. Approximately where do you go to school by the way? maybe someone else who is more local can help you out figure out the best approach. If you hear anything good let me know, college is not much better with cliques than HS

09-01-2007, 02:43 PM
Are you athletic? This isn't exactly a new social circle per se, but when I started school, I tryed out for the soccer team. Now, I didn't make it, but I instantly met 20+ people and a good chunk of them live in residence. Go over to their dorm with them and you get mad social proof.

And yes, I "dormstormed" once and it was rather amusing haha. Good luck.