View Full Version : Lost this girl, why?

08-25-2007, 04:50 AM
Hi guys. I have a problem with this girl.

I've met her three days ago on a schoolparty and it was almost like she hooked me up. Everything went smooth, attractrion, qualification, comfort and everything. We went home to her place, but i didnt f-close her (didnt had a condom, dont like to use them, and I was to lazy to go and buy one), it was a little dissopointing but she's a virgin to (almost unbelieveble, casue shes a HB8 or 9), so it was OK for me to not rush it. Thought I would have that opportunity another day anyway.

The next day we sended some sms's to eachother (I should have called instead?) and aggreed to meet later the next day on a club cause both of us had plans to go out that day on a school-arrengment.

The next day when I met her, she seemed unintrested and almost tried to avoid me. I went to talk with her, but she and her friend left (to bathroom or something) shortly after.
I then started to dance close with a random girl to "punish" her, but when she came back she started to do the same with some guy. Later she came to me and said that she wasnt intrested in me. Wtf, how did that happend? Thought I was in comfort, but it seemed like the attraction wasnt there anymore. Should I forget this girl and move on, or is it anything I could do here? Why did I loose her?

PS:I am kind of a newbie in the game (haven't finished the magic bullets book yet).

PS2: English isnt my natural language, so dont be to harsh on me on that.

08-25-2007, 04:57 AM
This has happened to me before. Could be buyers remorse - if she was drunk when you met her, comfort building I think is less effective and even counter-productive as far as the following day.
I also think you may have lost it during your second meeting if you failed to run solid game on her by losing her interest.

Move on man, lesson learnt.

08-25-2007, 05:27 AM
This may happen several times before you get the girl. She somehow found chink in your game and left you out to dry. Flex's assumption is correct. She had buyers remorse. You went a little too fast with her, and she felt like she was going lose too much to a guy she just met. The best thing you can ask yourself is 'What did I learn from this experience'? Find a possitive answer and use it to improve your game. According to Mystery, it takes 4 to 10 hours of meeting and dating (7 hours average), before it's time for seduction. If you didn't reach this point, then she was simply not ready. You got to be the man and stop foreplay until she is absolutely ready. Here's something, try to get the women to a point where, she's going to seduce you.

08-25-2007, 06:57 AM
first: you don't like using condoms? dude there is no excuse for not using a condom. safety first.

second: it doesn't sound like you reinitiated attraction on your day2. when you meet a girl a second time and it has been a while since you last saw her, you need to take just a little time to rebuild the attraction for you she had at your last encounter. sure, she was into you then, and you were in comfort then, but she may have forgotten why she was even attracted to you in the first place. show her. it should take less time to rebuild attraction than it initially took the first time you met her, but it's a necessary step.