View Full Version : VEGAS weekend for my 30th Bday!

08-23-2007, 01:49 AM
Hello fellow PUAs,

its been awhile since i post anything on here.. some of you know me personally or have sarged with me, some of you have seen my field reports.. either way i'm here to share you this exciting event that i've planned for my farewell to my 20s era..

Brief background about myself, i've been in the community for almost 2 yrs now, but have been very active on the dating/gaming women for over 15 yrs.. guys who have met me consider me a natural and possess high energy in pickup art that easily attract fun-seeking females.. having a few women around to keep me out of boredom is an on-going routine for me.

so this coming month of September, we have decided to have my b day party at vegas on the weekend of 21st. At the moment, we have booked 2 suites at Mandalay bay and reserved a table at pure night club(saturday). Friday night we have all access pass for the clubs at the Palm (Rain, Ghostbar, Moon, and Playboy club). These are just the main events we have planned so far, and the rest will be implimented as we move along, the more people we have, the bigger/crazier party it'll be.

Where do you come in you say? Well i'm looking for a few good wing man(or if there are any women PUA reading this??) as addition to our core, i am planning to keep the numbers down to a group of 6-8 guys who can really step up to the plate and handle himself in social environment, doesnt mean you have to do all the work, but atleast wing or no DLV (distract/isolate/seperate) your buddy so he can work on his target(s).

The other option is you can get a group of you own going and merge with mine, another way of making the group bigger but still organized.. so talk to me offline and we can work out the specifics and get things rolling!

chances are, there will be other people joining my group (outside of my core) since there are about 140+ people on my evite list.. but lets not worry about them since its out of my control... i'll be see them as a bonus/surprise present...

so far 4-5 spots have been filled, so there's still room for you fun/thrill/game-seekers, drop me a line if this event interests you, and since there's still a month left, we can talk/sarge before that and get to know how each specialists work/operate.