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08-21-2007, 11:31 PM
Hey everyone,

Just introduced myself over in the introduction section. Real quick I'm 24 and live in San Diego. Heres some back round on this chick I'm trying to game. I think I'm posting this in the right place but please let me know if it should go somewhere else.

Day 1 Sunday Aug 13th

I was moving out of my apartment in the SDSU area and she was moving into the same building. She came right up to me and my roommate and opened us "moving in or moving out" I told her we were moving out and told her about how crazy the day was going to be (moving is a bitch). She was just moving back down after the summer sounded to me like she was going to be a sophomore. Well, me loving younger girls immediately seized the opportunity...I told her how we were moving to the beach (pacific beach) and how it was going to be so much fun. I mentioned how there was still 2 weeks before school starts and we should party at my buddy's beach house together. She seemed really into everything I was saying (which my roomate noticed as wel...or she was into him...but I was doing all the talkingl..or she was .just moving in...looking to meet people (you guys know how the first 3 weeks of the school year are)

So i call her on Thursday (Should I have called her sooner I know some of the posts on here say call in 1-2 days...but I didn't have a party yet to invite her to) to touch bases with her after reading up on sinns phone game post (never try to make plans on the first call). She didn't answer but I didn't leave a message I've had some really bad luck with getting girls to call me back from a voicemail. (After all this is San Diego State and every girl has plenty of options why would she take the time to call me back, we only talked for like 5 minutes tops.) She ended up calling be like an hour later...the call went something like this

Her "Hello"

Me "Hi, who is this" (I had just changed my phone 30 minutes earlier and didn't have her number in this one...then it clicked in my head)

Me "is this Marci (changed name)? Oh sorry I just changed my phones...it's Jason your ex-neighbor."

Her, "Oh I thought it might have been you." (I had told her on Sunday that my number was a 949 area code...so either she had been really busy moving in and hadn't talked to any other guys or she really had been waiting for me to call or it was bullshit...whatever)

Me. "I was calling to invite you to a party in PB but we're alrady down there."--hoping to make her more receptive to answerring the phone next time as I might be inviting her to another party.

Her "ahh " kinda sounded bummed or pretended to sound bummed

Me "Hows the penthouse (her apartment complex) treating you."

Her...blah blah blah

me "Oh my god moving was such a bitch 1st my friend was supposed to come by with her SUV (DHV- female friend) to help take all my shit and I really thought she flaked. Turns out she had left a bunch of messages but my phone was dead. I had told her to call me on my roommates number but you know how girls are, as soon as she heard it was me she didn't even listen to the message and just called me right back...but at the wrong number...."

"....so I go over to the fraternity house (DHV I think unless she hated frat guys) and I walk in there and say "whose got a truck"...well my buddy really wanted to help me out (DHV maybe buddy wants to help me out) so he gives me the keys to his truck...well guess what turns out there is no tailgate on the back of the truck...how the hell did he expect me to move my stuff without a tailgate blah blah blah"

So she sounds really interested and is like "well did everything turn out ok?"

I tell her yes and theres keg at my buddy's house on Saturday and I'll call her then. So Sat comes around I call her and shes at ikea.

Me "I hate ikea I can never find my way out of there"

Her "yea me and my roomate were just talking about that they make youw alk by all these stuff ont he ay out trying to get you to buy something."

Me " Well my buddys having a keg today at his beach house. I'm going to head to the gym for liek an hour and a half or so...if you need a ride I'll be int he area (this is where I think i fucked up I basically put myself out there and it may have sounded like I really wanted her to come and I was desperate if I offered to drive her...the thing is I have a really nice car and I wanted her to see it...as well as be stuck at the beach until i decided to give her a ride home) over by you so I could pick u girls up in an hour and a half if you want (this may have also been a bad idea to say "pick you up if you want" that leaves her in control...sure enough her response kept her in control)

Her "ok well give me a call when you head down there and I'll let you know."

I called her at 2 bacause I didn't want to make it seem like I didn't do something I said I was gonna do. In retrospect I probably should have just forgot about it for sunday and let her call me later bummed about not being able to make it,

Anyways...no answer when I called at 2pm so I just left a message,

"Hey it's me leaving for the beach now so give me a call if you guys want directions, later"

I got a text message later saying word for word, "Hey my friend got here today and we got side tracked, I don't know if were gonna be able to make it over but ill call you if we can"

I sent her one back 30 min later that said "no worries everyone passed out at like six...we killed 2 kegs. I'll hit you up later (hopefully this re-routed the control to me now shes waiting for my call again right???)

Well I'd appreciate any pointers you guys have on how I proceed forward because it's now been another 3days/ nights since I sent her this I think i should touch base with her again.

Sorry this was so long!


Really Old Pudding
08-22-2007, 12:45 AM
Honestly I think you've come across as needy to her, if you were to talk to her again unless/before you have another party to invite her to, it'll show you are dwelling on her far too much.

I'd actually vote ditch this one but that's your decision.

08-22-2007, 02:07 PM
Thanks for the help OLD PUDDING,

What do you think was the main place I messed up on this one. I guess I've always been used to using the old party invite as my game and not really developing the interaction enough first. After all who wouldn't want to go to a beach house party with DJs right? Any pointers would be helpful for the next girl. Thanks