View Full Version : Mastering this area of your life.

Red Sickle
08-17-2007, 05:02 PM
If you really want to master this area of your life, its not going to take years, and you may not even need months. What you need is references. Every word you think of is a web of references and experiences that trigger everytime you use them. When you think of the word dating, your mind cycles through whatever experiences you may have and builds the idea of dating in your mind. NO WORD STANDS ALONE. For you to properly understand what I'm telling you, you need to have references of your own in which you can relate to my writing.

To master dating, your references will end up being extremely diverse from humor, to that cashier at that mall, to everytime you met a girl. Confidence or competence as mystery put it comes when you have alot of refences.

Weed your garden. All your negative references must be deprived of meaning, You can do this using the techniques in Tony Robbins "Unleash the Giant within". That way whenever you think of dating, useful references come to mind.

What were doing here is setting up your subconscious so that when your in a any situation you will AUTOMATICALLY do your stuff without any thought. Your only hangup is accepting the fact you will need to do this alot and probably not succeed (no such thing as failure), to become a complete natural.

So if your new at this, splash some cold water on your face, rub epsom salt on your belly and prepare for the most intersting and fun experiences of your life. It doesn't get as good as this!

Now mastery comes when you have enough references to complete the entire operation with CERTAINTY, not necessarily confidence. When your a master, your objective is no longer trying to build a dating paradime, it's making your pre-existing already successful one even better.

Use the instrument paradime. Once you get all the BASICS, you move onto improvisation and mastery. This is why I like the Mystery Method because it gives you a layout for mastering the basics and is probably the best program for beginers. After that you can add the DD cocky and funny to your skill-set, and styles and carlos's tips on personal style and then you should have enough references to get laid everytime.

And finally, to be a TRUE MASTER your own techniques must become signature to you. Once you've PERSONALIZED dating, you're that much closer to mastering it.

Persist and you shall reap rewards.

Good luck guys.