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08-13-2007, 05:11 AM
Got date with 2 girls one of which is my ex
other one is A8 apparently very shy with no bf

im wondering if i used an opener like this
oh so your xxx .. EX has been telling me all about how pretty you are blah blah continue continue,
its first time meeting and EX is intro-ing me whats the best thing to say in this kind of situation

OBV im not pulling this stuff on really hot chicks who have been socialized well, from what ive heard this one is a hidden treasure.

So can this line be used, and is it all in the attitude when i say it?

IMO probably dont need to neg at all just open DHV and on to A3

Cheers ill report how i go

08-13-2007, 05:29 AM
okay so here is what i'm thinking.

a) if she is truly an unsocialised/conditioned girl it will work nicely.. if she is truly shy this will complement her and give her some confidence to talk to you. e.g. she sees you interested in her.

However, if she is a8 and at an age like this, i'm certain she would be socialised by now.. atleast several dudes would have hinted she is hot. The problem with that is she will be like, err so wtf do u want from me etc.

maybe it could an act. you need to evluate that. If she is a book nerd, and hasn't been out much, possibly she could still be err a flower.

b) i suggest that if you do say this opener, you MUST instantly DHV yourself way up there, regardless if she is shy or conditioned. cuz ur gonna give off an an instant expression of interest. She will then be thinking, "so there is a connection. but why would i choose him"

Shit like that

c) now if you aim for revenge on your ex, this will be good regardless of how that a8 is i reckon. But u must pull it off and captivate that a8.

so basically your ex is the one introducing you to her; obviously she doesn't want you two to run off and leave her going WTF am i doing at this place O_o. so i think this will set off a spiral of jealousy and her thinking "oh fuck why did i tell him she was hot.. now she is happy and the attention is on her"

women go off with jealousy.

most likely she is introducing you to her friend to make her friend think she is more cool. some shit like that. and Not to hand you over to her; so she's gonna be doing what she can to get u back if she sees you chasing that one.

Mehh balance the attention between the two.
i don't mind it.

08-13-2007, 01:05 PM
now if you aim for revenge on your ex
if that's what you are doing then you have much bigger issues than I can help, but I will help you with this situation.

First of all only show interest when she has given you a reason to be interested. It can be pretty negligible such as what I do. She laughs at my joke, I say wow you have a sense of humor, I like that. Then I escalate. Always escalate the kino, have a venue change, or go into deeper conversation off of a show of interest.

Since you are already in her circle there is really no need to run standard attraction routines. Dhv stories woul be great, but don't give them right off the bat, you want the conversation to flow naturally which means maybe gettin a little personal info and vibing off of that for a bit. The real key here is not about dhving, but not falling into her frame, make her come into yours. You are the most dominate reality and funnest reality. Let her be a part of that.

As far as how to open her, fuck what you said you need to start out with something more racy. Something that's original and most guys wouldn't say.

Like I would probably start with
Me: Hi what's your name?
Her: Claudette
Me: That's an interesting name.... wait... you're not the girl that...
Her: that what?
Me: haha omg yep I heard about you
Her: haha whatd you hear?
Me: I heard that you were kinda shy at first, but that if I sat if I sat here and actually talked with you for more than 5minutes then you'd totally just seduce me and take me home with you. I can't be having that claudette! I've got to work in the morning, and do lots of stuff. I've got errands to run. I have to feed my fish. You don't want my fish to die do you claudette?
Her: haha no, I love fish blah blah blah

You: Fun conversation and attraction attained I might as well pre notch my belt on this one :p

Don't make this hard', It's easy.