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12-13-2005, 09:52 AM
Here's a thought for everyone, newbies and PUAs alike.
Every wondered about the possibility of sarging in clubs? I know it's possible, i'm just saying you know, the dynamics and everything. I'll use the Ministry of Sound as a club for example. i'm sure everyone's heard of it so we have some frame of reference to the type and decibel of music to expect.
So who's done it, i'd like comments and all. I've never sarged in a club so far. Been practicing my game at quieter spots like bars and lounges that sorta thing. But i go to clubs pretty often and i find that the dynamics in a club are more "happening" in the sense that women are moving and there's this level of excitement going on. As compared to a lounge where everyone's just, well loungin around.
I just find it to be a great source waiting to be 'opened'. So would like some comments here from anyone who has anything to share.

12-13-2005, 10:22 AM
Just make sure its not too loud since you've been going into low noise areas, they still have to hear you after all, the bar area is an alright place to start... unless you're a minor and have those big Ms or bracelets on your hands.

12-13-2005, 10:50 AM
Pick girls at places you can be heared and are not very crowded. Read the Juggler manual for specific directions.

12-13-2005, 11:01 AM
I agree - choose the right venue...it makes it so much harder if the club is too loud and there are too many other distractors out there for her to pay attention too.

12-13-2005, 11:52 AM
I think its harder because it is so loud. However, if you find a quieter place in the club where girls are chillin' I think it can be an effective place to sarge.
Girls are usually on e or coke, and sometimes this can definitely work in your favor.
My favorite places to sarge are lounge/clubs, because of the ability to talk as well as dance.

12-15-2005, 01:57 AM
I'm into clubs. I dance well enough and so I like to dance-seduce (seduce the woman I'm dancing with by the way I dance. let other women see how well I move. use my dance partner as social proof to DHV), and also see how well the girls move their bodies. It hints at how wild she may be.
Scope out the quieter areas of the club for in-club convos (conversations), and also do convos right outside the club. In places where they don't allow smoking inside the club, or where the temperature inside gets too hot, people will sometimes hang out outside. Good place to meet girls and also for taking her to go conversate after dancing.
Guys, learn to dance. It's not so hard. Just sway to the beat until you learn some simple moves. Or watch a dance show (like Soul Train or whatever) on TV at home with a full body-length mirror right next to the TV so you can copy and learn. Throw on some music and dance around your house while you cook, clean, etc.. Women dig guys who can dance. It shows confidence, that you're fun, and that you're body can follow rhythm. After you learn to dance, learn to dance-seduce by practicing where and when to place your hands on her body, holding her hands (like grabbing them invitingly and placing them on top of your shoulder/collar area), and using sexy (not cheesy) facial expressions. Do it.
~This is the word of DeVill

12-15-2005, 06:14 AM
Take a really attractive girl mate with you, or pick up before you go to the club...
Sometimes your girl mate can dance up on them and you interact, may get some 3 way if your that good...
Key Point: Girls go there to pick up, so they are horny for it... What more of a come on do you want.
Learn to dance, or go to a club that also has bars or different floors, cathch the girls in between where the music is lower, thengame, i do this all the time, stay around the bar to PU, that way you not interfering with their dancing, girls can be really bitchy about that, especially with friends, plus, often a single girl will stray off just to get a drink, then you pounce.

10-26-2006, 09:40 PM
i disagree, if youre out sarging then youre out looking to game. you try to put the target in your reality.....by dancing at a club you put yourself in the females world...therefore afc'ing it...
im not a PUA by any stretch of the imagination...but ive always had success by running game at the bar and keeping the hb's from the dancefloor...and if they want to leave me to go dance then my game wasnt strong enough...but i will not step foot on the dancefloor while sarging.
now if you

10-26-2006, 11:37 PM
Club game is slightly different to bar game. Some differences:
- It's generally louder
- It's later, therefore girls are more drunk and have EVEN less attention span
- Guys are more drunk, so the girls are getting hit on more - so bitch shields are higher. The hot girls are literally batting guys away like flies every 2 minutes.
So how do you combat this?
You need a real strong body language - something that instantly communicates 'I'm the fucking MAN here'. Any apologetic behaviours and the set is over. You need to approach the point of being rude. You have no problems interrupting girls in the middle of conversations and you have to talk real fucking loud in order to get anywhere. Don't be afraid to shout.
Don't try any long winded opinion openers - this means jealous girlfriend is out. Keep it short, snappy and high energy.
That means either go direct, with strong body language, or use a short opinion opener, something like:
'Hey guys, which is better, shaven or hairy...'
*confused look from girls*
Then you can bust them on whatever answer they give and accuse them of having a hairy chest etc etc.
But make no mistake, club game is HARD. It's quite easy to pull in a club - I've simply walked up to girls holding strong eye contact in the past and kissed them immediately without saying a word, then led them off to sit down somewhere. But this is not solid game. Any number obtained in this situation would flake because of the lack of rapport.
So if you're looking to pull in a club, you need to either get plenty of rapport if you want to see them again, or fuck the the same night.
EDIT - and I never dance either. I'm really shit at it and I don't enjoy it. So I'm not learning to dance for the sake of impressing a woman. However, if it's your thing, then it can work in your advantage.

10-27-2006, 03:02 AM
If its too loud for them to hear you properly you cant run proper game. Simple as that.
Sure you can use a quick situational opener or open with a neg, and if you can use this to get her to a quieter area then youve done great, but this is hard when its loud like most dance clubs. Real hard.
If you are a good dancer, you can use your body language to open on the floor and then take her to a quieter area to talk - but generally only works if your moves are tight.
Overall, i find it really hard to hear people properly in loud clubs, which other than being very annoying and frustrating, makes it almost impossible to run game.