View Full Version : running rutines in clubs

12-21-2005, 12:27 PM
hey guys...I was wondering...I went to a club tonightand I managed to open a few sets.....I had to scream ontop of my lungs and found it imposible to run a rutine...what I need is a way to get the target OUTSIDE and away from her friends....
the opener I used was 'omw!!! did you see that fight outside!?' and they would talk for a few seconds then my lungs woud start getting sore...
also if you make arrangements...after you have gotten babes number should you sms her or phone her about your plans?
any ideas?

12-21-2005, 07:02 PM
Dude night clubs are so difficult to run routines, I normally find myself going to bars with a juke box or something so there is still something in the backround to have fun with but you can still have a conversation... If you open a girl in a club try to get her to a nearby coffee shop or a bar. try to venue change the whole group if she is uncomfortable. then you run your routines....
And after you get the number, you should at least wait a few days general rule of thumb is 3 but if there is something rad that you want to take her to then at least 24 hours is needed from the last time you saw her.... Text message is good but not before the time, However a phone call shows BALLS! text messaging is a cheap way to feel her out before you talk to her again, I say jump right in head first.. :D