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05-29-2007, 01:23 PM
As a part of my phone game, I plan to implement the following points system.

I think this is mandatory for phone game with U.S. girls due to their A.D.D. nature and dating habits (everyone playing hard-to-get instead of getting-closer, which is like David D vs. Juggler, or also U.S. style vs. European style).

This works best when you already have some phone contacts that you are following up on. It goes with daily scores, for example:

2007-05-28: IC + UC + NUC + IC + 3 x NIT + HT = 2 + 3 - 3 + 2 - 3 + 5 = 6

2007-05-29 (so far): UC = 3

- - -

Here is also the points system:

IT. Girl Initiating Texting = 1 pts
IC. Girl Initiating Answered Call = 2 pts

UT. Girl Left Hanging With Unanswered Message = 2 pts
UC. Girl Left Hanging With Unanswered Call = 3 pts

HT. Girl Hooked and Abandoned With Unanswered Message = 5 pts
HC. Girl Hooked and Abandoned On the Phone = 10 pts

NIT. You Initiating Texting = -1 pts
NIC. You Initiating Calling = -2 pts

NUT. Girl Left You Hanging With Unanswered Message = -2 pts
NUC. Girl Left You Hanging With Unanswered Call = -3 pts

NHT. You Hooked and Abandoned With Unanswered Message = -5 pts
NHC. You Hooked and Abandoned On the Phone = -10 pts

- - -

Let me know what you guys think and if you find it applicable for yourself. So far I was following mostly natural phone game, but I think that U.S. girls use phone game heavily as their main weapon for hooking you up and gaming you, and that it's the real frame fight and how she frames herself as the prize or GF or whatever she wants in the long term.

I see the point system as a form of self-control and staying emotionally detached from the outcome, instead of getting emotionally involved like "the bitch didn't call me back" - it's just a game, and it's fine that girls play phone game tricks, it's just you or them scoring points.

06-01-2007, 03:50 AM
It makes my head hurt, but if it works for you, fine.

If a call a girl to meet up, if she's there fine, if she's not, I make a mental note of the flake to figure out what I did wrong and I get to know other girls there, if she says me up front she won't come, i'll call another girl... I work on results I see, but I guess you can do it with numbers and points too I guess.

06-01-2007, 11:59 AM
The benefits I see for myself are:

1) Points make it a game.

2) Points motivate me to not jump through their hoops, but stay cool and instead throw hoops at them.

3) At the same time I stay detached as I know it's just a game and that they play it too.

The tricky thing is that from what I see, phone game is the #1 weapon of girls. If you have a strong frame and especially being a PUA, girls usually won't be able to gain control on you in person or talking on the phone, so THEIR ONLY WEAPON remains playing hard to get on the phone. Phone game is a constant frame fight.