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12-20-2005, 01:16 PM
For the past few saturday nights, while I'm waiting for my buddy/wingman to get off of work, I'll usually go to a strip club to pre-game until he gets out. I don't like going to bars because they're filled with noisy drunk frat guys or losers who are more concerned with not getting busted with their fake ID than picking up girls (they're all AFC anyway). Dance clubs are filled with noisy drunk frat guys having ridiculous dance offs and UGs who form a semi-circle around their one HB friend: You must disarm all land mines before approaching the cookie jar. At any of the three types of establishments, you're paying a $5 cover charge if you're a guy, so you might as well go to a strip club where the guys won't bother you and there aren't any UGs. Unless they're customers.
My only real problem is that when I go to pre-game, I don't want a dance. On occaision (read: less than five minutes after arriving), when I'm just trying to chill, a girl will come up and just comment on my peacocking gear and we'll have a conversation. If she asks for a dance, I'll usually let her have one, but only because she's been polite and wasted a bunch of time talking to me when she could've been getting twice or even three times as many dances out of some other chode. By then it's usually time to leave, so I bid her adieu.
Last Saturday sticks in my mind: I went in, sat down at a table (the bar was full, I usually go there to avoid dancers) and a girl commented on my black/red Santa hat. We talked for a bit about her job (she was telling me how she hated when she'd give guys a dance and they wouldn't pay the full price) and a waitress I accidently bumped into once stopped by to relate our history(she changes it every time just to give me crap, but I know she's joking). I bought the dancer a drink for her card. Then we mixed the threads and were talking about guys who come in and don't buy dances or drinks at all, and I reminded the waitress there's a one drink min. per customer. Right away the waitress smiled, went to a guy halfway across the room and argued for a bit, then he left and she came back smiling. She kicked him out for not wanting to buy a drink.
My whole agenda when I go into this club is to drink a little, have some small talk, and then get out. My main reason for choosing this strip club is that it's less crowded than a club, the girls are all kinda cute rather than mixed results at a bar, and I don't like drinking alone. I could care less that the girls get naked or not, I'd rather be out in the field where I could get a girl naked for free.
*I always pre-game: if I don't, I end up drinking more in the field because I feel rushed.
*I might stop going to this particular club, but not strip clubs in general. Strip clubs are great places to study social interaction and test new material before going into the field.
Advice I would like is...
How do I keep myself in the Barfly frame and not the Lap Dance frame when the bar is full?
When I do get to the bar, how do I re-inforce that I come for the drinks, not the show?
And finally...
How can I do both of the above without looking like a cheap asshole?

12-20-2005, 03:06 PM
Go in.
Get your drink.
Socialize with the customers and bartender.
Sit in a position or place where you aren't facing the stage.
Ignore the show.
Keep drinking and socializing.
Tip the bartender and/or waitress.

12-20-2005, 03:21 PM
Chat her up for awhile. BEFORE she asks you to buy a dance, tell her "You better get back to work so your boss doesn't get mad. That guy over there looks like he needs a dance."
As she starts to walk a way, you say, "hold up, you work for yourself right? You're like an entrepreneur...you run your own business...that's cool...I respect that about you." Then run some game...she stays on her time out of respect for you.

12-20-2005, 05:15 PM
I posted Mystery's rules on strip clubs a few days ago. One tip is to befriend the DJ.