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04-07-2007, 02:13 PM
LA is the place to do a boot camp. Not only are the girls in the mediocre clubs hot, but LA is the MPUA hang out. Sure, we are home to Project Hollywood, so it's defiantly a Mecca for AFCs to become PUAs.
I went into the LA bootcamp with excitement and some trepidation. The fee to me is a lot of money that I could be spending on drinks, but by the end of the weekend, I know was money well spent.

I came into this as having some natural talent and a broad history of broads. That seemed like a different perspective from many in the course. Even so, hearing Sinn working out the sticking points of others in the group helped to build my own game.
Sinn comes from an anthropologic discipline, and I imagine on his break he's going to be refining some of his ideas. One of the ones that stuck with me most is "In this modern society, males lack accention rituals." I've been rolling that one around in my head all week.
The Los Angeles (ie Hollywood) night lessons were great. We had around 7 MPUAs helping out a group of 12. This left a lot of 1 on 1. The best thing to improve your game is getting advice in the moment from a skilled PUA. Better than that is getting tips in the middle of a set as to when to kino, merge sets, etc. It was also great to see vastly different MPUAs work a room, with vastly different styles, but using the same canned material and getting play. I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it. Brilliant nights out. Cheers Guys!

The Bootcamps really are "Life changing". As I contemplate what I am doing with my life, and how that equates to value, this becomes very clear. I have often asked myself "What do you do?" "Who am I?" It's nice to finally find out that this really is an important question.

Some notes for those wanting to take the Bootcamps:
Have a look on this site for: Opener, Transition, Negs, Stories for DHV.
GO OUT AND OPEN SETS. If you show up at boot camp, having tried to open sets, run the canned material and understanding that what you say isn't as important as how you say it, then the instructors can help you go from AFC to F-close. If you show up with a negative attitude or thinking you know it all, then you may still end up an AFC.

Even those I would have deemed as hopeless did well by following the program.
I give bootcamp a big thumbs up.

04-07-2007, 06:35 PM
7 instructors for 12 students? That's a great ratio. Who else was teaching and how good were they?

04-08-2007, 12:22 PM
Sinn was the lead. As the MPUAs don't use there screen names to pull, I couldn't tell ya who all where there. I know Savoy was there (cool game, btw). The new book (Um... something... comfort) sounds awsome. I can't wait.

04-08-2007, 02:04 PM
It was me, No9, Savoy, The Don, Rahn, and a couple of Workshop assistants whose community names I'm not sure of.

Which I like.


04-09-2007, 11:58 AM
I was another participant and I have to agree to Henry's thumbs up. As he pointed out, he came in with a different background and more experience with women than a lot of the students. Hence, I want to add some AFC perspective to the review, following the traditional "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" format.

Most students had read The Game or other materials and were pretty much familiar with the basic theories and slang. But it was obvious we had not internalized things. This bootcamp was really a life changing eye opener to me and I got the impression that this was true for at least a bunch of the other students.


Three things contributed to this class being truly awesome: a. Sinn's great lecture, b. the in-field sessions, c. the down-to-earth, high quality culture of TMM and its instructors that showed in every interaction.

a. on Sinn's presentation:
He knows how to deliver. Through my educational and professional background I have attended thousands of presentations and I have to say that he has it down. He presents so it makes sense and keeps your attention focussed. He is a no-BS type of guys and not into hearing himself talk. He rarely goes of on tangents and is dedicated to bringing the vital points home for every student, if one did not understand the first time.

b. The in-field sessions were truly powerful.

On Friday we first observed Sinn, Savoy, and some other instructors opening sets. Hearing them use the same silly lines and seeing how within minutes they were connecting with the girls...priceless! Very important, because this was needed to start the shift inside and drop the doubts about this stuff. The instructors all ejected from their sets after a few minutes as their goal was to teach us, not to get laid (although I think Sinn managed to do so anyway at the end of the night). Funny enough, a few sets kept coming back near the instructors even after their ejection, showing just how much attraction had been generated.

The next step was the instructors pushing us students into sets. The first couple of sets were hard for me in terms of approach anxiety and feeling awkward doing this. After the first few I lost the tension and it was actually fun. I think we all got in on average 6 sets that night. Most of us hit the wall after opening or kept talking and talking without progression towards a close. During debrief the next day Sinn explained we were just supposed to observe and learn opening that night. On Saturday night we were supposed to be get beyond.

On Saturday night we went to a stylish club first. After we had burned most of the sets there quickly, Sinn divided the group into two and he and The Don took my section to another place that was more target rich. I think the place was also more forgiving in the sense of less people being able to notice when you screwed up, thus less impeding the next set. Sinn and the Don pushed and pushed us. This time they intervened more while we worked the sets, so we could make progress beyond opening (better body language, turning into more comfortable position, isolating, etc). It was hilarious to have Sinn pull me back by my shirt to not lean in or yell over "ISOLATE!!!". I truly appreciate it as it really made a huge difference. Some of these things sounded nice in thoery but most of us forgot to implement them until pushed to do so. The difference these little things make, such as leaning with the back against the wall while the girl has to lean into you, make and enormous difference that I could actual FEEL right away. The first time I leaned back like that things were flowing better and I number closed with ease. The next day during debriefing several guys reported the same about these little but important changes.

c. TMM culture
Those TMM guys were all non-pretentious, open-minded, service oriented, very confident, and relaxed. There was no cutting corners on the content and teaching and they were very focussed on the important items. Also no sense of hero worship, 'the one and only way', or arrogance. Sinn and Savoy used concepts that has been developed by folks outside of TMM, as they were valuable, but labeled the source clearly and gave credit to the inventor.


The only thing I thought could have improved was the organization during the first night. There were about 2 students for 1 instructor but a lack of coordination. We students were a little clueless and waited for the instructors to take initiative. Seems like not all of the instructors knew what the plan was either. So we might have used time more efficient. I can be pretty "me me me" when I get a sense that's the way to win so I grabbed several instructors and worked with them. Somebody who is more shy might have stood around more. To be fair, in the end it seemed like everybody got their fair share and the instructors sometimes watched from half way across the room gave feedback later. So not actually too bad. On Saturday this was completely fixed and instructors worked with small subsections of the group consistently throughout the night, which I thought was perfect.

I have developed this hunch that anybody who becomes a fantastic PUA will not be able to have a traditional 1-on-1 relationship til death do us apart anymore. Their view of women change and not one woman is that vastly important anymore as a new attractive girl is always available. How can any single women last like this? From what was said, most Master Pick-up Gurus who have tried to be monogamous have failed and started cheating. I guess a lot of guys who get into this might not be aware of this long term relationship consequence. Without putting judgment on this, it is something to be aware of.

My concluding thoughts: This class has not just helped me with pick-up, but with human relations in general. It deeply affected me and my goal setting and social life is already starting change. I should have taken one of these bootcamps much earlier, would do it again, not doubt. Can't wait for Sinn's DVD on Daygame and some other cool products I heard about.

04-10-2007, 01:53 PM
I read on this site people saying things like “I felt taking the bootcamp was admitting defeat and accepting that I needed professional help to get girls.”
That’s crap! I could get laid before the bootcamp. Now, I’ve got better skills and a broader understanding of the science of group dynamics.
If you really want to know if the boot camps are good, look at RESULTS. Since the bootcamp, I’ve had a brilliant week… and I’ve only sarged twice.
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