View Full Version : Purposefully gaming a damage zone HB9 strictly for PRACTICE?

12-19-2005, 11:35 PM
Bear with me, I like making long and entertaining topics. :D
Here's the situation. I liked an HB9 who is a young Sharon Stone lookalike at my university, and we shared a few classes together. This was WAAAAY before I got into the game. On Valentine's Day 2005 (not even a year ago), I grew some balls and expressed how I felt, AFC style. I was one ballsy AFC. I made her one awesomely constructed origami rose and wrapped it in tissue paper. If I still had the digital photos I took of it, I would post them here. Anyways, I gave her the package on Valentine's Day in a totally indifferent manner. Two days later, she came up to me, thanked me for the rose, and said she had a boyfriend. Me, not realizing at the time that I could have easily used a boyfriend-smashing pattern because I didn't know about the game, I indifferently replied, "That's okay". She said she thought I was a great guy but that she was dating this other guy for a while. SOOOOO fake now that I KNOW about these sorts of things. :D
I basically ignored her for the rest of the school year. I honestly didn't care... I'm surprised I had that alpha quality of indifference and releasing all expectation of outcome even back in my pre-Venusian days. When summer vacation rolled around, I stumbled upon the online seduction community and learned everything I could. I couldn't WAIT to go back to school in September and start macking university chicks, and maybe even Sharon Stone girl if I ran across her again. And I did. I busted her balls and played cocky & funny while maintaining a carefree attitude. I didn't even bring up the Valentine's Day episode, but deep down I knew that I previously already LJBFed myself into the damage zone for being AFC upfront with my origami rose, which might as well have been my testicles in a jewel-encrusted case. :D I ended up getting her e-mail address.
She never responded to the two cocky/funny e-mails I sent her within the next week, so I forgot about her again. Remember, I was indifferent and I couldn't care less. I'm having fun talking to other girls in the meantime.
And this brings me to the present. It's Christmas vacation right now. I've made yet another quantum leap by purchasing and absorbing the "Venusian Arts Handbook". I can't WAIT to go back to school in January and implement my newfound knowledge on university girls. Invariably, I will run into Sharon Stone girl again, because I KNOW she's going to be in one of my classes. And I'm naturally going to run game on her, because that's who I've become in these few short months. Maybe the absence will make it more congruent for me... it's not like all of a sudden I've turned into a ladies man in the course of a day and she'd be thrown off.
She's obviously in the damage zone. She knows I'm "pursuing" her (Valentine's Day origami rose, autumn semester e-mails). And I'll let her see that I'm working game on other girls just to see what her reaction is. It'll be a fun social experiment to see what happens to damage zone girls just for practice. I honestly couldn't give a shit if she banishes me to the pits of the LJBF hell. I've gotta crash and burn sometime, and it might as well be with her!
I'm probably gonna get some responses from you guys saying, "Dude, don't waste your damn time working her". And you're right, I'm not going to waste any time. But is practicing really a waste? You can never sharpen your skills enough. Remember, meanwhile, I'll be gaming other chicks and having fun.
I'm probably insane, but in the name of social experimentation, and me being a science student, I have to do this for myself, just to see what will happen.

12-19-2005, 11:47 PM
Do it...Totally F with her...

12-19-2005, 11:52 PM
That's exactly it. I'll just mess around and see how she reacts to it. Who knows, she might even change her mind about me, and give ME a friggin' origami rose on Valentine's Day 2006. Huge IOI and sign of respect for me there. :p
You guys might even say that it was this particular Sharon Stone girl that propelled me to seek out the game and made me into an aspiring venusian artist. So I'll always remember her for turning me into the alpha-type that I am today.

12-20-2005, 04:31 AM
There's always a way back in my opinion, if you game enough pretty girls in front of her then she'll realise that she's nothing special, just neg her man, neg her so much, you have to compensate for that chode AFC valentines stunt, act like you've totally forgotten about it, your a different man, (in essence you actually are.)
I'm so surprised at how girls react to knowing your a player, this girl i'm seeing tomorrow night said to me that she thinks i'm,
"one of those guys that has a different girl every week."
Yet, she's still coming to my place,Duh... If you think i'm going to use you, why are you letting it happen.
I am one of those guys but i'm not just going to use her at all, the point i'm making is it seems like they just can't wait to be hurt...I've actually told her some of my history as well, if you check out my second field report you'll understand.
Keep ya posted

12-20-2005, 06:51 AM
Dude, go for it and tell me how it goes.
I have similar ghosts from my AFC days. (While I dont consider myself a PUA yet, I'm at least an rAFC)

i master
01-17-2006, 03:50 PM
If anything it's just good practice.

01-19-2006, 09:05 AM
I've got a similar story...although I've only today now decided to follow your footsteps and game her for practise.

07-17-2006, 04:28 AM
I have a similar stories (although I did not crash and burn as hard as the valentines saga)... Pretty much, I after getting reasonably good at the game, I set myself the task to hook up with every girl who had rejected my previously - there were 6...
I found that running game in front of them was great, push pull worked a treat and cocky funny was the deal maker, I also found that running routines and ploughing (like TD) does not work as good with HBs 16-19years old because they feel like they are being put on the spot... Anyway, i got all 6 K-close and then LJBFd them! It made me feel good inside haha
Anyway, good luck, make sure she does not become your one-itis because although you maintain you do not care, your persistence in going for her may tell a different story.


07-17-2006, 09:06 AM
Wow, you bumped one of my very first threads. I haven't seen it in ages.
I got closure from this situation. At convocation (graduation ceremony) last month, I saw her for the last time. I no longer felt the need to talk to her, nor the compulsion to make anything happen with her. It was as if the whole thing was forgotten.
The rare times I find myself thinking about her are me silently thanking her for eventually allowing me to discover this wonderful community of genuine self-improvement that has brought me so much already. I am extremely optimistic about the future.