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12-19-2005, 02:16 PM
Hey Bros,
I really need some help with good DHV routines. Can you post some of your favorites. Thanks

12-19-2005, 04:29 PM
Alright Dsarge. Here's my Vegas routine...
This is a reply to a question about an Item of interest, or some Peacocking item some HB or obstacle has asked about so it seems totally natural. it's used later in A2-A3...right before isolation...It's a twist on one of Mystery's routines.
"Oh, this? I just got back from Vegas...this is a good story, the craziest thing happened...(pause)...O.K. I was going to Vegas with my buddy Dsarge...Our flight leaves at 4:00...well at noon Dsarge calls and tells me he can't go...I'm like WTF Dsarge? We've been planning this for months?...(make the WTF face to the HB's and pause...allow them to ask "why") Well we were out like 7 weeks ago and he met this girl...they hit it off and she's his girlfriend now...She told him, if he loves her he won't go, cause she "KNOWS" what happens when the two of us go out...there's No way he's going to Vegas with me..."
then I say, "right! he meets his F'ing dream girl when he hangs with me.." to the set...and ask "what's her deal? is that NORMAL or is she cracked?" get the set talking... you can throw a neg at the target, do C&F...cut them off with the View pebble.."wow, this is just like watching the view."
Then I take back the frame and continue. "Dsarge isn't going to Vegas with me and I'm pissed, I like to play craps, I've been going to Turtle Lake for a month getting ready" (turtle lake is the only indian casino around that has actual craps tables and it's over 2 hours away) "So I call an old girlfriend who lives in Vegas and she says she'll pick me up at the airport and introduce me to some of her friends that slay the craps tables at Ceasar's."
"So now I'm super fired up! Michelle has some crazy...insane friends...nuts... too much to hang with everyday, but hell...I'm on vacation in Vegas"
"So I call Michelle when I land and she says she's waiting outside." "I walk out and there she is in this bright yellow Maserati convertible...I put my suitcase in the back and jump in. I'm like, "Sweet ride"...waiting for her to tell me the story cause last I knew she drove an Audi...she tosses her hair all sexy like, flashes me this wicked smile and says, "thanks". We pull out of the airport and like 2 minutes later there's rollers. we're getting pulled over...Now Michelle has always been one to date wild, dangerous types and get herself into trouble...so who knows what the deal is...I'm thinking "shit...now what?"...I'm all,"ah, Michelle, if you suddenly became this big drug king pin, or we're dating one, you'd tell me...right?" She's like..."what?" So the cop walks up to the car with his hand on his gun...His HAND...on his GUN...(pause for dramatic effect...open your eyes wide)...Michelle's all flirty and "what's the problem officer?" (in your best HB seductive voice)
"The cop says there's no plates on the car and wants to see her license and registration...she gives him her DL and says it's brand new and the temp permit is in the back window...well, the tops down...so the cop says alright put the top up and I'll check it out...It's obvious to me, this isn't Michelle's car, she can't even find the switch to run the top...so the cop is looking all over, michelle's looking..I'm looking all over..finally I find the switch and hit it...nothing happens...The cop is like, oh sure, it just conviently doesn't work...he's like "give me YOUR i.d. as well" to me. He says "get the top up while I check this out" and goes back to his car.
I'm like O.K. Michelle. What's the deal with this car? She says, I don't know. I'm doing a shoot today and they said I could use it to go to lunch...
So now I'm like "GREAT" She doesn't even know who's car this is...It probably IS stolen...(pause) She works with some shady characters...(pause..roll eyes, shake head)
So the cop comes back and says we both check out but if we can't get the top up he's gonna tow the car cause he has to be sure it's not stolen...There's some big car thief ring rippen off fancy cars in Vegas or something...
Michelle starts crying...like freaking out...cause the car CAN'T get towed...(pause) The cop is like, "WTF?" are you on crack? So I calm Michelle down and "ding" the bulb goes on in my head...I'm like Michelle, pull the emergency brake...She looks at me like I'm crazy...I say, "just do it baby"...She pulls the e-brake, I hit the switch and the top goes up...(pause.. the set is like WTF is with the E-brake?) I tell them I just remembered watching the speed channel and saw the road test of this car where they were talking about the roof and e-brake deal...
the cop gets the temp permit info, it all checks out. we're outta there...
Now this is a nice little set up...You've DHV'd that you are fun, you travel, you're pre-selected..little things don't rattle you. You're confident... you calm down a tense situation...Plus, you've taken over the frame and everyone is lestening to you like whoa..that was a close one...great social proof for the rest of the room. You've left a ton of unanswered questions...to vibe with...What does Michelle do? A shoot? (yeah she's a model)..who's car was it? What happend next...You can run with open vibing here or continue on...
"So that night we all go out to this club for dinner, drinks and dancing...Well Michelle's friend Danielle is totally vibing me at dinner..those two have some wierd competition thing going on? Ask the set, "do you guys ever do that? Like have you ever kissed a guy she's dated before?"( ask the target and an obstacle) run that thread briefly, good chance to call them "bad girls" or "Naughty" and run TD's Sexual Predator routine...see, here you are running multiple threads at the same time and weaving them together...
Come back with, "well, I could tell Danielle was a total "Bad girl". SHE...WAS... a sexual predator...we're on the dance floor and she's all grinding on me and we're just breaking it down...She gets my necklace caught in her hair and it took forever to untangle it"...(now you can ask the set if they get all dirty on the dance floor...C&F and just bust on them with the sexual predator thing...(another open thread setting up a bounce to a dance club).
So the next day, she's like, "You're so awesome, you should move to Vegas." I'm all, "I have a business to run in Minneapolis" (There's another thread) She says " Give me your necklace so I have something to remember you by." I'm thinking, geez, I just met this girl, we messed around a little last night but we didn't sleep together"(Now you have some wiggle room here..I'm older so I don't go after the party girl types anymore... that much... So I play the I don't do that on the 1st night thing) If it's party girls you could say (Geez, she wasn't that good or I knew I shouldn't have given her the "E" ticket ride or whatever)...
I say, "this is Vegas, I'm not going to just give this to you...let's bet on something...Let's go eat and we'll think of something...So we have a late lunch and I head back to my hotel...I kick back, clean up and head down to the craps tables...(I've left another thread open here).
So I'm just killing the craps table...There's like 2 dozen people crammed around the table and I'm on fire! It's like a movie scene...The energy is way up and I'm just "ON". Every throw of the dice, like a huge cheer goes up. Every one is making money and just loving it. The waitress is non-stop coming over and bringing drinks to everyone, she gives me her number and says we should hang out later...This huge cowboy with this moster hat is just hammered. He puts his hat on my head and he's all YEE HAW Partner! You gotta come to Dallas and hang out. There's showgirls walking around all done up and I'm like, WTF? I pull out my cell phone and it's two AM. I've been playing craps since 6...My eyes are all blurry I've got 10 messages on my phone from Michelle and Danielle.. I stand up , just about fall over, and I'm like "THIS...PARTY...IS...OVER!!! ELVIS...HAS LEFT...THE BUILDING!" I take all my bets off the table, Look at everybody just all quiet and looking at me and say, "Here comes a 7, you better take your bets off"...so some do, some don't...I throw the dice and 7! Craps! I huge cheer erupts as the dealer guy clears the table and I make my exit.
So here I am, here's my necklace and here's the ring I won from Danielle.
Now notice, I still haven't explained much of anything...It's all setting up threads to vibe with...You can go back in to the sexual predator routine or whatever...I've DHV'd and pumped up the buying temp, time for a kino test, then isolate for more kino.
There's more to the how I won the ring story but this is getting long...Basically, if you feel you can pull it off. say, "Danielle said she never has an orgasm the 1st time she has sex with a guy, she's just not comfortable enough for that to happen the 1st time."(Chicks will understand this) So we bet...here's her ring....(you guys can figure it out.)