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02-19-2007, 03:29 PM
Figured out what my problem is from making stuff really happen in my social life. Its so simple yet I have more anxiety about this than anything,

Having to actually call the girl after I get a number or whatever.

I'll go out, meet some chicks, hook up a bit maybe, get tons of phone numbers but I never ever call them, I freak out the next day its weird.

I think "it'll prolly be different today and they wont be into me like they we're the other day" then I just realized that, this is very much a possibily, and just part of the game. But I'm starting to realize, if they don't like me or whatever, who the fuck cares. Its alot easier said than done but I'm working on it.

I actually just called a girl who gave me her number saturday night, went straight to voicemail but left a message, (granted I was so nervous I had to edit the message 3 times) but that was a major step for me, which really shouldn't. Especially when I'm on the phone and comfortable my game is SOLID, you'd think I'd love to get them on the phone....

anyways this is still something that I REALLY struggle with if anyone has any advice or anything to say on this I'd really dig that

02-19-2007, 03:51 PM
Just call her when you're on a high note (not stoned, you pothead!)


At least once a week or twice a week I'll get this huge rush of adrenaline. Usually happens when I see something that gives me an insight or I read a motivational article or something goes my way.

You know that feeling when "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN GO WRONG EVER!"

..............everyone gets them once in a while, but here is a little trick on how to have them more often.

Let's say you drive up to a red light and it changes green right before you hit your brakes! it's awesome, because now you don't have to brake and just keep on driving. It's a very good feeling! I don't know how to describe it, but it's almost like some one gave you $5. Or bought you lunch.

Ok now, BLOW IT UP! As silly as this sounds, blow this up.

Repeat to yourself (feel free to be selfish here)
"Man, I am good. That light turned green because I project so much positive energy and Universe aligns to help me with everything I do. I am alpha that's why that light turned green so I don't have to stop. Alpha's don't stop for anything because nothing stops them. Everything changes in their favor. Like that light, it changed green right before i pulled up, that means I am having a good day today." (you already anchor "good day" to "alpha" to "green light")

Go on for another few minutes thinking how everything turns out just right for you. Be in this present moment. Think of everything that turned out right for you TODAY. sandwich made right, coffee brewed fresh, teacher giving you positive feedback on your paper, etc.,

Now start predicting things. "Oh, I am sure that when I get home I am going to have a parking spot right next to my place" (even if you have parking garage) or "I am going to hit more green lights than red ones on my way home" or something simple as "that guy will turn on the next intersection"

Your subconscious mind cannot tell if your predictions are obvious or not. It simple takes them as valid and sends message to produce more of the good chemicals that give you the "good feelings"
It just doesn't care it makes you feel better.

Now predict, "I am going to call that chick i number closed Thursday and she is going to answer, I will chit chat with her for a bit, i am kind of buys, and maybe schedule day 2 with her if i like her"


You need to get yourself in the positive state. Driving puts me into positive state, find something that puts YOU in the positive state.

Then call her.

02-19-2007, 05:07 PM
had the same sticking point, used to get a ton of numbers but never called. thought about it for days and then realized a week or two went by. then i would justify not calling because i waited too long and would toss the numbers.

my buddies started asking about all of then girls i was gaming and they were surprised to find out that i wasn't banging any of them. one friend asked why and i told him about my sticking point. he said somethting to me "look, how are you ever going to know unless you just do it? if she doesn't call back or answer, oh well..the only way you can blow it is by not calling at all..." so i started and found out that i began getting a thrill out of calling.

so just man up already and get on that horn...

good luck and take care,

02-19-2007, 05:21 PM
treat it just like a sarge. have routines ready. warm up by calling a few girls you already know and talking to them. have a plan. run the same phone routine 15 times and you'll be fucking solid pretty qiuckly

02-19-2007, 07:58 PM
Yeah its weird, my actual phone game is solid, I'm awesome and building wide and deep rapport and comfort, I just could never CALL them, I even worked out a little routine for getting girls to call me (works like gold, look at my previous posts) but once I get a girl on the phone I'm usually solid, it's really just that initial call, cause when they see me call they KNOW I'm interested, so its the only part I would ever really feel rejected about so it kinda scares me.

but after calling this girl, I feel like I broke the seal, regardless of what happens (I def hope something does cause she was super cute) but even if it doesn't fuck it, its not like she's gonna call me and bitch me out or something stupid, and I can just keep going, I'm glad I finally did this.

02-20-2007, 02:10 PM

You're overthinking it. You're thinking you're communicating too much interest, and what if she rejects you....blah blah blah. :)

There are tons of posts on phone game. Some advocate not asking her out right away. Some say the opposite. Then of course, there's text game. Lots of options.


Make the call. (Or the text :)

Like the others have said, have a plan when you do. I like to invite them out with me and my friends---or, if I've gamed her/qualified her extensively, invite her to join me for drinks. I keep it simple.

But you have to take the shot. Good luck.

02-24-2007, 06:57 AM
RS, stop caring so much. Just call and talk to the girl. Your life does not depend on getting some random chick to go out with you. You don't even know the girl, yet. If you screw up, call another one.

BTW, always have a voicemail message in your head before you dial the number. If it kicks to voicemail, you are golden and your number won't show up on her caller ID 10 times looking like a needy loser with no life.