View Full Version : Dont kiss me game - kiss close routine.

02-19-2007, 12:20 PM
So, sometimes to build up attraction I just go on and play this game, its the "Dont kiss me" game, I go on and say, in A3/C1:

Me: Hey, lets play a game.
HB: Sure, which?
Me: You know, I'm not sure if I want you to kiss me, but I want to know how good of a teaser you are.
So, the rules of this game is: You don't kiss me, and I wont kiss you.

Then you go REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY close to her mouth, like almost kissing her, breathing lightly and playing with her lips, but DO NOT kiss her.. Just brush your lips on her cheek, on her lips, and keep doing this, you'll see the attraction AMP exponentially.

If she tries to kiss you, you say: Hey, you loose!

Then do a small turn-away and come back saying: Round 2.

Do the same thing over, and when she just can't stand it anymore, you lightly kiss her, not a tongue kiss, a lip-kiss. Like a *SMACK*.

Then you say: I couldn't resist, have to go now, I can't be near you anymore because I can't hold my instincts anymore. (showing some weakness, its HOT)

Again, small turn-away, IF she lets you do this turn-away, you WAIT until she calls you back. Go play with your cellphone or smt..

If she doesnt let you turn away, just follow the guidelines below, DO NOT just kiss her, do some more foreplay.

Start looking at her lips, put your hands up on her lips, gently touching them, then lightly go through her face/neck with the back of your fingers(just let your nails lightly touch them), and go for the kiss.

If she reinitiates contact soon after the turn-away, do the same.

It has never failed me.

02-19-2007, 02:46 PM
yea you are a... teaser to do this stuff but it is good. I can see that you are delivering it playfully, but hey you re 20 so it's good.I like it and it seems to work I don't need even to test it I told a girl she shouldn't come over my place if I ever invite her and guess what, she offered my a ride back home :) Fuck, chicks can't resist when you say "don't" or "you shouldn't". Anyway since I am gonna use it how you escalate from this point to more serious stuff? What is the interaction afterwards, do you have any good field tested results?

02-19-2007, 03:04 PM
It depends, are we dealing with a fool's mate or not?

If we are, I buy into the frame that we WILL have sex, and if she says: You know we aren't having sex tonight right? Then I say: of course not... I don't even know you. And keep AMPing the attraction until we get to my place or hers...
Usually I just go to my place and when she asks: "Where are we going?"
I say: "to my place, grab something to eat then I'll show you one of my secret spots of this city, but only if you behave nicely"

When she's up in my house I just grab some chocolate and some strawberries (I NEVER forget to buy them in the market, chicks love it) and make some fondue, then I grab the pan and take it to my bedroom so we can eat more comfortably, then thats it.. Everything runs smoothly...

Maybe some LMR but you HAVE to have the frame that she wants you, that you're going to have sex tonight and she wants it too. Sometimes you don't even have LMR, you just keep on doing this teasing until she can't stand it anymore and it "just happens" ;)

If you're working a fool's mate, ATTRACTION is ESSENTIAL. Its the only thing that will make her have sex with you tonight..

If you're with a nice girl, someone that you like, I don't even try to have sex in the same night. I just go on into comfort, change venues to eat, and never bring her home in the first night.

She might get the feeling that I want her JUST for sex, and it might screw up my chances of a nice LTR.