View Full Version : Potential k-close/f-zone destroyer

02-16-2007, 11:41 AM
ok, here is something i stumbled upon one night while i was out. I just did it and thought you guys might like 2 try it out.

O.k im out with a girl i new since i was seriously afc with no confidence. she new i liked her as i stupidly confessed my feelings (bad zerox bad!) and i got a serious "LJBF" she doesn't mean much to me now but we are both going to a party and plan 2 get a present together. anyway earlier in the day i licked the back of my hand, she looked at me like i was deranged,and i said

ZEROX:"they say that you can taste salt strongly when you lick the back of your hand stronger still in times of great emotion"

so she tried it and said nope. i said yeah me neither.
Later on i go for the k-close by:

I licked my hand and said "ooh! i taste salt"

she tried again and said no

so i said "let me see" so i took her hand, licked it and gave it a kiss,
"I taste some now"
the sexual tension was palpable and so we both leaned in simultaniously for the kiss.
suffice to say BYE BYE FRIEND ZONE:)

Just thought i'd put it out there, can't say its field tested only did it once but hey, any of you like the zerox k-close please let me know.

02-16-2007, 12:38 PM
It is a variation of the EPS routine. Brilliant! I like it.