View Full Version : What if you don't want her number?

Sand Dollar
02-15-2007, 11:53 AM

Here's the scenario that's happened to me a couple times in the last month. I'll meet up with some friends and someone's girlfriend comes over to me and says, "come here, you've got to meet my friend." I already know that this friend has been watching me and is interested. Except the attraction is not happening on my end i.e she's not my type. So I go through the motions and have a conversation and flirt and make her laugh. But then I can tell she's waiting for me to ask for her number, except I don't really want it. So I don't ask for it, and then there's a nice awkwardness when it comes time to leave.

Then I get the girl who introduced us coming up to me saying, "why didn't you ask for her number? Didn't you think she was cute?"

I guess I should just ask for the number and not call it.