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02-15-2007, 08:03 AM
info: 16 years old, norwegian boy ;)

This is the thing; my friend has been halfway dating this HB10 at school, you know, making out a lil' at parties, texting alot and the hug-greet when they meet etc. (SHE IS SMOKING!)
Anyway, last week at a party I was practicly having girls all over me, I started off making contact with as many girls I possibly could. And later that night I had all kinds of girls touching, cuddleing, kissing me on the cheek etc whenever we met eachother.
I started talking to this HB10, I had never really talked to her other then a polite "hi" when we meet in the hallway because we have a friend in common. We had a pretty good conversation and I even felt she was attracted to me, maybe because like the first 3 minutes through out the conversation I had 2 girls wanting to cuddle when they passed by me. She was insisting on taking alot of pictures of me and she was pressing her cheek agains mine and holding her arms around me when I did. I had NO intention on hitting on her and I think that's what made her attracted to me (like "I don't need you, I have women")

The next day she texted me with some standard "hey, what's up.. lots of hugs, [name]" I didn't have her number and I don't know how she got it. We texted quite a bit and I answered as a friend without a single indicator on sexual interest (she had things like, "love" or "lots of hugs" at the end of each text.

This is where it gets interesting: This saturday there were a big party and she was there. I greeted her and talked to her quite a bit, we had a very good eye chemestry but I still acted all friendly, she is my friend's "good friend" after all.
About an hour later I was talking to a friend of mine who was quite drunk and she was also listening. This is the breaking point I think, because he was talking about how awesome I was and how happy he is for meeting me etc (he's quite emo when hes drunk :P). A bit later I saw my friend(the one with the chick) sitting next to her and trying to kiss her and she refused to, and left. He turned his head to me and told that it was over, she hadn't taken any initiativ in over a month and wasn't interrested at all. I said I could try to talk to her and he said like "whatever".

5 minutes later I spotted her and said "what's happening with you and [friend]?", she was obviously very uncomfortable and replied "nothing". I stared right in her eyes for about 3 sec and said "he really likes you, you know..", our faces was about 2 inches apart and she slowly went in for a kiss. I kissed back for like 1sec and ended it. I said "you are smoking hot, but [friend] is a really good friend of mine and I want what's best for him".

I went back to speak to my friend about what happend, he said "whatever, grab your chance while you can. She doesn't like me anyway", We discussed this for 10-15min and I said "that if this affects our friendship even a slightest bit I wont do it", he said "of course not"...

I went in talking to her again (I feel really bad for doing this even though he said it was ok, and I prolly wouldn't have done it if I was sober), and within 10sec she began making out with me. We made out for about 30minutes or something, she was all over me, pulling off my sweater and touching my stomache/breasts etc (we often meet at the gym and I've seen her looking at my body, but haven't really payed any attention to it). I said I had to rejoin my friends and I did.

On my way out about 45min later I saw her sitting alone on a couch with her head down, maybe regretting it already. Drunk and excited(for making out with a HB10!) as I was I sat down next to her and said I had to leave, then kissed her for another 20sec or sec or something... this was probably my stupidest mistake, she wasn't really into it either..

I chose not to text her and she didn't text me. I've met her once after this, in the cafeteria. I was sitting at my regular table and as she passed by I saw her looking at me, I looked at her and she turned her head around instantly.. it was REALLY akward..

Please heelp! I want this one (not right now, but maybe in 1-2months), and I even think she wants me, just that she regrets "betraying" [friend].

02-15-2007, 09:21 AM
I think you are right about it(last kiss). Don't try to convince her in a logical level since you had girls attracted to you she found it a challenge but... just because she is into you that doesn't mean she will get it any further. So stimulate her in a emotional level without mentioning your friend. I think you felt uncomfortable with the situation already which made your game worst. So try to act like nothing happened befriend her and learn what she wants, on time go on but don't waste too much time calibrate your game and see what happens. Since you say she is so hot she can help attract other girls you like too.

02-15-2007, 10:38 AM
Doesn't sound like she regrets a thing about your friend. Sounds much more like buyer's remorse aka you didn't build any comfort. Furthermore, it doesn't seem like you qualified/screened her at all (A3). She has no reason to continue it with you. You were lucky you caught her in that kind of emotional state at the party, but she snapped out of it. She doesn't feel that you like her for any legitimate reasons, she doesn't feel comfortable around you, the fact that you went back and made out with her after you mentioned your friend to her and his feelings (or even the fact that you kissed her despite your friend before you even talked to your friend about it) are all reasons why she feels awkward now.

02-15-2007, 11:47 AM
Thanks for the replies, sounds very reasonable...

Anyway, I have some bad news. I was at the gym today and spoke to a friend of hers, she says that HB10 said that she is regretting it, though not personally against me but because she felt bad about [friend] (this is a friend of hers that is also a friend of mine, and she knows that whatever she tell him he'll tell me - so this practicly means shit).

I think that even though she may like me a tad she would still react the same way. It's not that big of a school (150 people in our class) and everybody knows something is going on between [friend] and HB.

Later when I was working out she came. And when I thought it couldn't become anymore akward, it did. I'm talking avoidance from both parts.

I think I need a party were both of us are drunk to even be able to talk to her and possibly befriend her, but then again, when I'm drunk I might fuck up the strategy and go for the whole thing right away. It would be a disaster I don't fix this asap, she's definately the most popular girl in class and every boy and girl like her.

BTW, I think you are right about that I didn't give her a reason for why I like her, besides "you are smokin", but I have that problem; when I am drunk and MAY make out with a HB I always do... I'm not that good at playing hard to get if I really like them, if you know what I mean ;)