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01-22-2007, 05:25 PM
Hey guys,

My name is Chris/Alpha-Nerd and I'm going to be in the Pensacola area for the next couple of months. I hope there are wings of gold to sarge with in my hometown. We can help each other with game. My hope is that guys in Pensacola aren't a bunch of keyboard jockeys like most guys in the community are in most places. It amazes me how many people invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars learning the theory BUT never really put it into practice. The community might be right about attraction and related issues but does it really matter if the proof isn't really in the pudding for the members of the community??? We have an advantage over most guys out there with this knowledge and it should be doing us some good. So, if you are ready to sarge out the streets of Pensacola then let me know because it will be fun.

Godspeed and sarge on!!!