View Full Version : easy magic trick (4 quarters)

12-18-2005, 06:13 PM
This ones for grade schoolers.
Take 4 quarters. Put one in the palm of both ur hands...close your palms, so you have a quarter in each hand and ur making fists. Turn ur fists up, so ur wrists are showing. Put a quarter in the space between ur closed fingers and the fat part of ur palm in both hands. K now its set up
U tell the people your going to drop both quarters. In one hand you drop both the quarters, in the other you grab the quarter on top as you turn ur fist over to fake drop the quarter on top. (takes some practice). Then you tell them to put the quarters back and walllaaaaa...one hand u have 3 and the other u have 1. The trick is that u dropped both in one hand, while none in the other, they think u dropped the ones on top
If they dont get it u can bust on them and tell them ur little sister got it the first time. theyll tell u to do it again...in which case shes investing in you..NEVER TELL HER HOW

12-18-2005, 06:53 PM
Hey OrNaMent,
Thanks for the trick idea (though we don't have quarters in the UK.... <joke>). As this is my first post (hello everyone - yes, another new guy!) I thought I'd post a good little trick with a coin that you might want to try...
Obviously you'll be in the zone when you try this : I have usually dropped this in after mentioning (if asked) that I'm a part-time hypnotherapist and turn the conversation around about reading body language. I give the target a coin of small value (usually with the line that "if this doesn't work you can put it towards buying me a drink later") and ask them to place the coin in one of their hands behind their back. I then ask them to raise both hands slowly out in front of them and I'll tell them which hand it is in.
The secret to guessing correctly is watching the direction their nose points in. I know it sounds stupid but believe me it works about 80% of the time.