View Full Version : A little help for a new guy.

12-18-2005, 05:46 PM
I'm new to the Game. I became single a few months back and now moving across the country and not knowing many people in my city has opened my eyes to the reality of social interactions. I realize that I took a lot of my previous interactions for granted. I just went through life talking to people, being outgoing. At the same time that I say that, I could only approach if there was no pretext for my approach. The other sticking point was closing. If I was talking to a girl with no ulterior motives, I had no problems. It was my AFC, nice guy mentality. No more of that BS.
I'm brand new to all this and have a million questions. But I will start with this mornings set.
I was at a local coffee shop and met two women. We spoke for a couple minutes until a guy comes and sits down. (I later learned that this was there meeting place, and more people would show up). Having only partially read "The Game", (no other material just yet, but will start asap) my knowledge is liimited. But I immediately switched to the male. We spoke for a few minutes while the women were chatting. After a few minutes we merged our conversation into the women's conversation. I managed to isolate the target and talk about her new years plans, etc. Three more people show up, (1 guy, 2 women). The target introduced me to the others, when the other original girl started speaking with me, diverting my attention from the target. A few more minutes pass and I mention that I've got to go. I get the targets email and number, and the other original girl gives me her email as well. I shake hands with everyone, when I turn to the target, before I could do anything she says she's a hugger, and gives me a big hug. During our whole interaction she touched my arm a few times, leaned right in, as I was sitting next to her, and gave a light punch on my shoulder after a joke.
My questions are these.
1) I figure the target was giving IOI's, but she is naturally charismatic and outgoing. What are some distinguishing actions between a touchy/feely girl and flirtation. (remember I'm new to this, so don't go off on a tangent).
2) The target is known as the girl that arranges parties all the time. The dilema is do I go for her, or hold out and sarge the rest of the group to solidify my position in this group, knowing that I don't know that many people in this city. Or do I risk it and go for the target.
3) Regardless of which option, go for the target or play the waiting game, when do I contact her? I'm flying out the city in 4 days for two weeks. Do I contact her before and say, I'm leaving for 2 weeks, but want to get together when I get back ... or ...