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01-08-2007, 10:11 AM
My day 1 stuff is pretty solid with the exception of bouncing which I'm also working on. However my phone game is holding me back and killing me. Here's my structure so far for phone game.

Game them normally and get IOI's as well as an isolation.

Use deangelo number close line "Hey do you have a cell phone?"

Get their number then call them right there saying "I know women dont answer random numbers so I'll call it to put mine in now for ya"

Game them some more normally

Try and bounce if I cant then eject and call them 10 minutes after I leave saying "I saw this girl trip on her heel and made me think about you" or something along those lines. If they didnt answer then I text them but dont leave a message.

However now what I have their number but when should I call them again and how should the interaction go? Usually they wont pick up when I call and I just get a message and if I leave a message they usually never call back. Sometimes I text them and we do that a bit but it ends also. Often though they will pick up one time we talk a little and I either try and get them to do something with me in which case they usually say they're busy or try and get me to do something with them. Or else we talk about nothing and I really got nothing to say. Also if the girl is a big talker on the phone should you allow her to talk and just let her do most of the work or always try to be the one doing the most talking and leading the interaction? I would just like to know a format basically on what to do. I read Sinn's post but still having problems and was hoping there is some sort of structure to phone game and if people have good phone game routines or ideas to do for it. I can use any help cause this is by far my biggest sticking point.

01-08-2007, 11:01 AM
Here is what I do for phone game. My Attraction Geame still needs some tweaking but my Comfort Game (including phone and text) is really solid.

After I get the number I send a text as soon as I'm they are out of sight... something funny that relates to the initial interaction.

If they text back I will banter a little bit via text.

Next day I give a 10 minute call. I always have something fun to talk about before I call. What I do is take the most interesting thing that happened to me that day or the day before and make it as rediculous and funny as possible. It gets them laughing and sets a positive state and they ussually tell a funny story in return. Then I set up the day 2.

01-08-2007, 11:19 AM
Go to fastseduction.com and download Juggler's archive. Search Phone Guidelines. He's got it all laid out. I've used this a bunch of times and it always works.

01-08-2007, 11:45 PM
It seems like his archive is password protected, so I can't unzip and open them. How do you unlock it, what is the password?

Edit: nevermind, the password was included in the zip file, didn't see it the first time.