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12-18-2005, 04:22 PM
What exactly are emotions? As human beings, these should be no more than chemicals produced and absorbed somehow for a sensory effect... but even so, it seems that they can potentially be extremely powerful.
I've been thinking for some time on this topic now. Feelings of jealousy, tenderness, rage, bliss... they completely overpower us at times. But as PUAs, these feelings make us vulnerable - they fuck with us, mess up our realities and our frames, and take away that which we most need control over - ourselves. It makes us less effective at what we do, it creates unforeseen scenarios that lead to unsavory consequences. It... humanizes us.
But do we want to be humanized? The most obvious example I can think of is Neil Strauss, or Style, in his book The Game. He fell victim to his emotions, was afflicted by one-itis, and due to some amazing luck came out the better for it. Does our entire PUA world come crashing down on us due to this one case study? Are we wilfully suppressing our emotions in order to achieve an illusory and ultimately irrelevant end? Why do we need to sleep with many women? Is it to validate ourselves? Prove our dominance over the opposite sex?
I don't have the answers, but I do know this. Women are dangerous creatures. I am convinced beyond any doubt whatsoever, that women are by far the greatest cause of misery to men on this planet. Not financial problems, not family problems, not even health problems - woman problems. They are fickle, they don't know what they want, they nearly always have some emotional baggage, and a lot of the time they are horrible in bed.
But emotions are addictive. And the most extreme emotions are - unfortunately - felt when we go through our relationships with those women that are closest to us. It's an endless battle of the sexes - a war of psychology and power, wits and endurance. But it's a war that we enjoy - it is the human experience. We love women, despite their illogical tendencies and manipulative natures. It is in our nature to love them. David DeAngelo talks about a dial that increases attraction - for us, this is a switch that we can never shut off (apologies for not including non-straight men in this discussion, but I'm ranting).
So what does this all mean for PUAs? Why in hell are we even bothering with mastering this skill?
Because we want to keep playing this game. Because - win or lose - we want to play again. We err in our judgments of what girls will make us happy - we are blinded by beauty, by desire, and by an evolutionary need to hang on to certain frames in order to keep experiencing certain feelings. And each time we err, when we are forced to cut them lose, we must be able to play again. We must go out and sarge, find some other women to sleep with, until we end up finding another woman to play the game with. Each time hoping that this time, it's a woman who lets us win.
It's a neverending battle, guys. Let's not lose in endurance. Who knows, maybe there's a Lisa for every one of us.