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12-2006-23, 12:34 AM
Well, there are two girls, hb7.5 and an hb 7.5, maybe 9. Anyways, I met the two at a party a while back. I was pretty drunk, but I'd noticed the 8 giving me the eye across the room multiple times. So, I went and chatted with her, got her number in like 5 minutes. (This is before I've read anything bout seduction-- I was damn lucky based on prior successes!) Anyways, I'd talked to her friend a bit, but she obviously was used to more attention, i.e. she kind of had a bitch shield.
So, I've hung out with the two multiple times now, brought em to play w/ my niece and nephew, things like that.
While I've had opportunities to makeout with the 8, I've purposely refrained. Sure, I flirt with her, and tease, (she's pretty interested) however, I want her friend. And, as of late, her friend seems interested too. I've surely gotten IOI's anyways.
I don't have the 9's # yet, but I'll get it Christmas as I tell the 7.5 that I'd like to send a txt to our mutual friend.
Anyways, these two are best of friends, and as the 7.5 kind of has dibbs since she was interested first, I'm wondering what my chances are with the 9. While I'd love to ya know... get a 3some, it is ABSOLUTELY not possible. Please, NO suggestions for that. My game has been pretty solid, and as of right now, the 9 owes me a 30 min. massage. It just seems that she wouldn't want to betray her friend, and whenever we hang out, it's at least all 3 of us. Lastly, would it be counterproductive to makeout with the 7.5? ~Mec

Vincent Chase
12-2006-23, 12:43 AM
It would be counter productive to make out with the 7.5 IF she would tell the 9 and IF you do it in front of the nine. You have to throttle kino on the 9, start alienating the friend and pay more attention to the 9, you're past attraction, no need to ignore the target now.

Call up the nine and invite her over to hang out... just her. Then get "closer" to her. By closer I mean comfort game, kino and spurts of attractions.

12-2006-23, 03:57 PM
Well if your already in the set, then you need to focus on the one you intend, the 9.