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the last boy scout
12-2006-22, 12:24 AM
Hey guys, was hoping you could lend me a hand with something ive been working on.

I have an average part time job, working at a market. I sell cheap perfume, yeah its shit. Anyway i have a table full of stuff infront of me and while the occasional HB will stroll past very rarely will any of them stop and look at anything. I understand they are young, hot women and their only interested in the real thing ect. So ive given up on trying to stop them and use selling as an opener because it makes you look like a tool when you get the "yeah, i dont really like that" after a sampler.

I now think there might be a better way to stop and engage these girls, with more positive results. Since most HB's walk by without looking at anything i thought i might do somethign along the lines of:

"Hey, can you help me out for a sec?"
"Im just doing a survey on perfume preference, whats your favourite fragrance at the moment?"

Since i do know alot about perfumes i thought this might be a good starting point to demonstrate value by complimenting their choice (or should i neg here?) and adding some sort of truism, "thats a nice fruity one, great for summer". I also think somewhere here i should let them know im not trying to sell by adding "much better than this stuff" and indicating my table.

Thats the first part, and i hope it would lead to the girl stoping her walk, facing me and becoming engaged in a conversation where she doesnt feel that im being friendly just to sell something. From here i figure if its all looking good i can do some other canned material and continue as if we'd met anywhere else. Also it might be the right moment to add in a time contrainst such as "i cant talk for long because i have to get back to work in a moment".

Well i would love to hear your comments and suggestions on this routine. Id like to fine tune it a little more with your knowlege before testing it out in the feild. Im sick of seeing HB's just walk straight by and having nothing to do about it!

the last boy scout

12-2006-22, 02:02 AM
This could work but it's not what you want.

Instead open the HB's in a way that is completly outside your job.

Actualy talk to her because you are bored, or any excuse, this will teach you PUA.

Doing your "survey opener" will just give you a false sense of security and hurt you.

Vincent Chase
12-2006-22, 08:32 AM
Read the cologne thread, that sgould give you some insights into perfume. Feel free to use this opener, but remember that as far as openers go, even "Hi."

Will work.

the purpose of an opener is to get you to A2, TONS of stuff do that.
Good Luck man, keep us posted.