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12-19-2006, 08:12 AM
Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to read this review. I was at the seminar entitled “Day Game” in New York City on December 9th. Our instructor was Sinn, with Future helping for a little while and introducing an upcoming seminar called “Advanced Comfort.” The Day Game seminar was amazing and I can’t even begin to describe the things that Sinn taught us. Honestly I look at my life now and see it from two perspectives: everything that happened in my life before this incredible event and everything that happened after it. Sinn is an incredible instructor, and presented all the information to us in such a great way that the concepts were easy to grasp and understand. He started by presenting tactics, strategies, and hints that would help us immediately, even before we leave our homes to go out and PU. Then he discussed different approaches, situations we may encounter, and fantastic tactics to use in the Attraction Phase right down to the Seduction Phase. He mapped out everything for us and showed us how day game differs from Night game and the advantages and disadvantages of each. I can’t begin to tell you how much information was presented to us and how much we learned, I took almost 50 pages of notes! I get up now and I can’t wait to go to the mall, Starbucks, and every where else because I’m ready for PU!

At the end of the seminar Sinn answered all our questions, gave us some more insights about phone game, and even asked if there were any particular situations any of us were having difficulties with. For him to take the time at the end like he did, shows how much he really cares about his students. I will end by saying that "Day Game" elevated my game by about 200%, and is life changing! Thanks guys, see you in the field.


P.S. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me.

P.S.S. After this event stock up on rubbers, man you’ll need’em!

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