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12-2005-13, 04:03 AM
Good day to everyone
I googled for mystery right after finishing Style's 'The Game' and became a convert. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 50 months and feel into a certain state of mild depression.
Now that i'm on the better side of rebound, i want to learn my game.
but i feel that i am facing alot of difficulties starting, first off, I have no confidence of my body, i'm obese even though i'm not too ugly. Unfortunately, I have no style. I don't even know how to dress up properly.
In short, i'm lacking self-esteem and just an AFC. HELP!

Pickup Master
12-2005-13, 04:21 AM
Sign for the fallowing newsletters:
David Deangelo
Ross Jeffries
Myster Method

12-2005-13, 04:38 AM
Ross Jeffries newsletter is pretty lame, sign up for Swinggcats instead.

12-2005-13, 05:46 AM
You realising that you want to get in the game is 50% of the work... Welcome!
A few words:
1)Keep away from Ross Jeffries.
2)DeAngelo is good to get you started but not good enough to make you a PUA. Good concepts though.
3)Mystery: This guy will make you a real artist. Needs A LOT of HARD work though.

12-2005-13, 06:13 AM
why should i stay away from ross jeffries
i buy most his stuff
hes good
ill give you a few examples if you want

12-2005-13, 07:02 AM
Frankly, i'm more interested in Mystery's method, even though ross' mindfucking techs seems really effective. I wouldn't mind a few examples.

Dancing Bear
12-2005-13, 07:25 AM
There are more ways to create attraction.
Ross Jeffries uses a combination NLP/Trance/Hypnosis to create attraction & seksual tension with special lanquage patterns.
Mystery, David D, Thundercat and others use social dynamics and group theory to get the same reults.
I would recommend you study both and use them in combination according to your personal style and the situation. e.g. lanquage patterns are unusable in the club/party scene as there is too much distraction, but are great for a private date or in the bedroom.

12-2005-13, 07:38 AM
My advice is to read a few books and there different methods get over the whole i look like shit and get into a phaze where you dont give a fuck!, to du this u have to put urself under intense social pressure, thats the best way. read sum books if u have to to build up ur own self estime, but apart from that try to think of a new method, dont jus copy try be ur own man and du somthing that wrks for u, and find people that have the same intrests as you. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU ITS ABOUT THEM!! forget about yourself and create a new person, picture him in ur mind and be him act like him think like him. Be u @ da same time dont copy all da shit in da books because they dont always wrk. but that just my opinion, thats what worked for me and i have no rouble now.

12-2005-13, 07:45 AM
here is his example from his ebook
This method works because it bypasses all of a woman's conscious resistance to
screwing you. It doesn't matter what that conscious resistance is based on.
Maybe you are not her type and she THINKS she needs a certain LOOK in a guy to
turn her on. Maybe she wants you but is afraid of looking cheap if she comes
across too fast. Maybe she's just recently been burned by a guy and isn't eager
to have it happen again.
It DOESN'T matter why, because from now on you will be able to get past all of
that by bypassing her CONSCIOUS mind and getting right to her UNCONSCIOUS. If
this sounds like bull, please stick with me for just a few more pages, because
what you are about to see is a MAGIC key for getting laid with startling
Let me tell you a story about my buddy, Rick. Rick told me about this experience
he had whenever he read a book. As he was reading along, he could begin to be
aware of certain things. As he read, he could suddenly be aware of the unique
darkness and shape of the letters. And as he became aware of that, he could also
see the contrasting whiteness of the page. And he could also be aware of the
smoothness of the paper. And as he became aware of that, he could also feel the
rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, and the slightest little nodding,
little nodding of his head. And as his eyes began to close ....
Now, what just happened as you were reading that? Even though I'm not standing
over your shoulder as you read this, I'll bet my Batman comic book collection,
that you started to notice the things I was talking about. You noticed the
darkness of the letters, the brightness of the page, and the smoothness of the paper. And you noticed your breathing and your eyes started to close.
Here's the point: The only way to understand something you are hearing or
reading, is by having a little bit of the experience yourself. Naturally, and
without any resistance, you began to experience what I wanted you to, because
you had to do so in order to make sense out of my words.
But notice something else of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE. I didn't suggest that you
experience these things, or warn you in advance, or give you a direct command.

12-2005-13, 08:08 AM
If you're not happy w/ yourself work on that first. Take a look into Anthony Robbins. He's a great motivational speaker.

12-2005-13, 08:11 AM
What's funny is my mother loves Anthony Robbins and made me listen to his tapes. Guy makes alot of sense and seriously if you are having trouble liking yourself that's definatly someone to listen to. He really helps getting your life in order, at least from the personal standpoint.

lucky strike
12-2005-13, 08:36 AM
My advice, is to go to Borders, sit in the little cafe secion and read "The Lay Guide"..over in Ireland its sold as a combo set with The Game, so i figured Strauss approves of it. Its a really good book for understanding the basics, and if ya have a few hours you can pound right through it. Plus if your in a cafe settings its real easy to put your new knowledge to work. :D

12-2005-13, 09:01 AM
I can't quote all of your posts...
i strongly believe that the guy sucks. Maybe it's just doesn't fit my style. Mybe I'm too young for it. I don't know. Anyways, I think that he is a lot of fluff talk and many patterns that are more than lame. If you wanna like him, like him. I don't.
Hypnosis and crap... What do you want to do? Mind control her? Get real!

12-2005-13, 04:08 PM
I guess i'll be heading over to get more books, and i really need to pratice the 3 second rule alot. It's been more than once this week where i see this chick and i passed. A little about myself though, i come from singapore, a rather conservative society, at least on the surface. i'm 19 and is currently doing my national service(its compulsory here). I think Ross' work is just a different approach, and his end result will always be an *close, it also requires alot of meticulous practice, like on your speech, memorise things to see, recognising patterns, etc.
In a way, MM is like.. user-friendly. So its not just about girls, you really can sarge everybody. I guess just talking to you guys give me some kind of ego boost. I've never really tried any openers before, even though i manage to #close in the past. I'm more of the 'nice guy', and i want to psyche myself out of it when i sarge in the future.
Anyone from where i am?

12-2005-15, 03:57 AM
Go with these:
*Mystery Method (Mystery is THE MAN)
*Real Social Dynamics (founded by former Mystery students)
*David DeAngelo (though his "rarely ever smile" thing is wrong)
All of these guys work together and guest at eachothers seminars.
Other good ones include:
*Carlos Xuma
*David Shade
(what's up with cats anyway? plus the the cat guys are former Mystery students, I think.)
Ross Jefferies is who I started with and there are a few good things in his teachings, though it's way too much to try to remember, and plus they work better when you're already intimate with her and you 2 are cuddled up together or whatever. You need to get her attracted to you first, otherwise she's not gonna waste her time listening to your patterns. I don't respect Ross. If you read the argument between him and Bishop regarding David DeAngelo on Thundercat's site, you would understand why, in addition to how much he unnecessarily degrades women. I'd rather attract her as she naturally is, than to hypnotize her into a zombie anyway.
As for you being fat (and I'm not gonna use some nicer word), get up, get active, get in shape, get the girl. Don't make excuses. If you won't work for it, you don't deserve it. While you're losing weight, keep working on your mind to be more alpha. I heard from many people that Tony Robbins is good, though I personally never tried his work. Also look up the Sedona Method (a.k.a. the Release Technique). It's awesome. And read "Think And Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill. Listen to some Notorious B.I.G., like "One More Chance" (remix). "Heartthrob, never. Black and ugly as ever." He was fat and women still loved him. He never felt sorry for himself because of his weight. He just stayed alpha and peacocked. He is the reason the whole world uses the term "bling bling".
As for clothing style, check out popular fashion magazines, ask the girls at clothing stores what would look attractive on you, and mix it all with Mystery's peacocking style.
As for your ex, fuck it. She's gone. If she didn't leave, you wouldn't be here with us and about to embark on your journey towards being a popular, charismatic, frequently-sexed alpha male. Be glad you got blessed with this opportunity.
I lost my son's mother after almost 7 years together and a 2 1/2 year old child at the time. I fell into a deep depression full of self-hatred, suicidal tendancies, and trying desperately to win her back. But then I began studying the art of attraction, making use of opportunities to socialize and make new friends, working on my finances and creative talents, being a better father to my son (who I plan to raise into a PUA), etc..
I ended up taking my new crew (of already popular guys) out clubbing often and being the alpha male (and throughout my life I rarely had many friends before due to shyness), making my name known, and F-closing (within 2 or so hours of meeting her) a bisexual stripper who was beautiful in body and soul. We fell in love and I remain in control of my relationships and life.
This all happened within 2 1/2 years. Plus in that time, I went from chubby to skinny to toned, and from jobless to employed to owning my own business plus planning 3 more.
If I can do it while being a poor single father (my son's mom abandoned him), you BETTER cheer up and fuckin' do it.
No excuses. Make it happen.
~This is the word of DeVill.

12-2005-15, 05:12 AM
Hey guys,
If you haven't already been to www.badboylifestyle.com, you might like to try there if you're looking for DVDs on how to sarge or workshops. I haven't tried them myself; if anyone does, let me know how it goes.
Happy sarging. ;)

12-2005-15, 06:17 AM
Thanks lothario, reading your experience was a great motivation. As for the fashion advice, the salesgirls here seems for interested in selling me clothes that are expensive than making me look attractive. Today, i went shopping for accessories hoping to find something good for peacocking, but there was nothing but rings and metal chains, nothing that suits.

12-2005-15, 07:34 AM
Got any friends who dress well?
Ask them to help you shop.
Bribe them with a free lunch if you have to.

12-2005-15, 08:55 AM
I can't find a fashion that can make plump men look good, I walk around alot seeing people wear different things, different styles, but i've never seen a fat guy look good in anything. Most that i see are in jerseys with jockey caps, or tightfitting tops that squeeze every inch of their fats out. My usual wear outs are plain, shirt and jeans. I feel the way to go is to accessorize myself, since there is no one i can 'copy' from first and adapt.

12-2005-15, 09:20 AM
Sign for the fallowing newsletters:
David Deangelo
Ross Jeffries
Myster Method
After hearing thundercat and seeing how he manages his forums and how guys talk about him... I'd say the only aspect of his stuff you should pay attention to are his updates on the community.

12-2005-15, 04:10 PM
Two sites you MUST visit.
1) Mattfurey.com
without getting into endless debates about the effectiveness of high-rep bodyweight exercises, I can personally testify that this is a great place to start.
after 3-4 months youmay want to add in kettlebell work, which can be found on
2) www.dragondoor.com
Do yourself a favor and start taking responsibility TODAY foryour health and appearance. Plus, you won't believe how quickly working out will affect your inner game. Do it, and then tell me I am right.

12-2005-15, 05:32 PM
You could also try www.tomvenuto.com to help lose weight.
The lay guide was what got Style in to the community, so that's why it would come with a copy of the game in Ireland.
Anyways, in my opinion, you should disregard Ross Jeffries, as I feel this is more for manipulation.
David DeAngelo (www.doubleyourdating.com) Is probably best for the foundation, to develop inner game, before following Mystery Method. (You could do both at the same time)
Although you could start with MM and have some "instant success" it is better to use David's first for long term success. From what I've gathered from your original post, you have little or no game and so it would be better to work on your inner game, then use MM for outer game. Bring them both together and use them in congruence with each other and you will become a great PUA!
Others might not agree with me, but Mystery as said himself, his bootcamps are not for complete beginners, so it is better starting with DYD or at least learn them simultaneously.
When you lose the fat (Be positive) Check out www.oboy.de for peacocking clothes. It's a little expensive and the models look gay but the clothes are Supafly!
Good luck!
Your friend, mr_brightside

12-2005-15, 06:21 PM
BigBen, We're all men here so I'll say this directly.
Get some Anthony Robbins shit and associate more pain with being fat than pleasure.
Two things drive your choices...gaining pleasure and avoiding PAIN...
Avoiding PAIN is way more powerful than gaining pleasure...
Ask yourself what pain your size is causing you...keep asking and WRITE IT ALL DOWN so you can see it every day! You need to associate serious amounts of pain to motivate you to lose the weight.
Let's see...HB's don't dig fat...they keep it off their bodies so should you.
oh yeah, it'll kill you my friend...want to scare yourself...look on-line for all the health related problems being overwight causes...pile on the pain until you can't take it anymore. Then go do someting about it.
FACT: if you eat more than you burn off, you get FAT.
FACT: if you eat less than you burn off you get skinny.
What's that? oh that FAT GENE? No such thing? Ever seen a picture of a FAT P.O.W.? I haven't.
You're hungry? Take an appetite suppresent...Their safer than being overweight.
Don't know how to workout or what to do?
www.musclemedia.com is the only site you need.
Read Body for Life by Bill Phillips. (He is muscle media)

12-2005-16, 10:26 AM
Hi everyone. I'm from Singapore too. Gonna grow with all of you. Cheers!

12-2005-17, 03:07 AM
I can't find a fashion that can make plump men look good, I walk around alot seeing people wear different things, different styles, but i've never seen a fat guy look good in anything. Most that i see are in jerseys with jockey caps, or tightfitting tops that squeeze every inch of their fats out. My usual wear outs are plain, shirt and jeans. I feel the way to go is to accessorize myself, since there is no one i can 'copy' from first and adapt.
Post a picture and we'll see what's up.
By the way, what kind of music are you into? It helps to have your clothing and music styles congruent with eachother.