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11-2006-13, 09:04 AM
Hello! This is real situation from university party so question 1 girl I talked to some times, question 2 girl IĀ“s from other school and question 3 girl also know a bit.
This is real situation so please no keyboard Jockey just repeationg VAH with something they never tryd them selves. Thanks for answers!
Question 1: I got loads of IOI from a girl like, holding hand back (style), Facing you while dancing, laughing a lot, initiation conversation and more. Was dancing with her and two of her friends for 10 minutes and the girl is complaining about the music and stuff and still dancing so I said, "letĀ“s get down to the karaokee", trying to isolate, but the girl still wants to dance (to the music she didnĀ“t like), I go down to the toilet and comes back and dances some, more, Having kino while dancing and after a while asking again, "u wanna go out and take som fresh air?" but she still wanna dance.
What am I doing wrong? I think she doesenĀ“t wanna kino excalate to much in front of her friends but why not wanna get isolated? Is there any other isolation lines you can use thats good for isolation?
Question 2: Dancing up a girl on the dance floor and starting to kiss. Isolating to sofa easily and make out and girl says IĀ“m so good looking, good kisser, and says "why donĀ“t you take my number", said and done.. makes out a while and goes up again to dance floor where she asks me to go and dance and the dance floor is nearly empty, I go with her and starts dancing when she turns her back on me and starts dancing with some AFC guy very intim touching ass on him(donĀ“t think they where friends) I sit down on bench at dance floor and looks at her with a big smile saying "I donĀ“t care" but canĀ“t get eye contact". I go back to other friends (girls) and start talking to them and see her dancing without afc on dance floor. She goes home and donĀ“t say good buy. I go home and she calls me to talk while she is on the buss and I talk for 2 min before I say I gotta hung up and help my friend, She asks me to call back later but I just send sms. She asks me when weĀ“re gonna meet next time and asks if she can call me. I know sheĀ“s intrested but what to do when she dances up AFC just like she wants a reaction from me? The best thing would be to game up 2 hb10 and make her jelaus but thatĀ“s not really possible here. Should I try to go between them and make her dance with me (seems to needy) or should I dance alone on the dance floor til she comes back or jsut walk away somewhere else and hope we find each other? IĀ“m gonna meet her again and IĀ“m pretty sure itĀ“s gonna be a F-close because of our intim kino, but I still felt like a chump when comming with her to dance floor and got left there.
Question 3: Known this girl since I had a girl friend so couldent escalate from the beginning (6 month ago), Goes to same school now and sees her on parties now and then, She gives IOI (I think) like hugging me much when we meet and dancing some and just flirting eyes, Is it possible to escalate after a long while knowing each other, and whats the different tactics for that?
Biggest question: Best line for isolating when you have talked and danced with the target and canĀ“t use the "I havenĀ“t talked to your friend can I borrow her?" And If you say like "wanna come to karaoke, take fresh air, go to bar etc" and she says "no I gotta/wanna dance with my friends" and doesenĀ“t say anything but "we do it later, or stay here with us" She is dancing with 2-4 more girls so itĀ“s nothing to do with not leaving 1 alone friend on the dance floor.
Thank you

11-2006-13, 01:18 PM
I feel like I could give you some good advice if you learned the rules of grammar. And punctuation. And spelling. If you want to try this again in a post that makes sense, I'm sure you would get some great feedback.

11-2006-13, 01:53 PM
I feel like I could give you some good advice if you learned the rules of grammar. And punctuation. And spelling. If you want to try this again in a post that makes sense, I'm sure you would get some great feedback.
Thanks! Great feedback! I read your previous posts and you seem really good I will aply to advanced English tomorrow and get back to you when IĀ“m a phd in English, IĀ“m so looking forward!

11-2006-13, 06:07 PM
No problemo bro, I look forward to reading your next post that is actually readable. I love giving advice, but I'm not even sure what the situation is!

11-2006-14, 03:44 AM
sry to say it but i actually agree wholeheartedly with isosceles on this one. i dont generally like to "come down" on fellow forum members but that original post was one of the most incoherent things ive ever laid eyes on. in all honesty it surprises me u were even able to navigate the signup process for this forum. i guess my old friend mike matusow says it best "the kiddie game is down the street"