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11-04-2006, 04:41 PM
I've been subscribing to Juggler's emails. In one, he recomends asking BIG questions. Some examples he gives are "So what's your story?" or "So tell me your life's story."
In my opinion these act as DLVs for the girl, because they don't know how to answer - especially since they don't even know you!
Then you DHV by answering your own question.
It reminds me of Mystery's how many 9s are there between 1 and 100 routine. They feel dumb when they are wrong and you DHV.
My example:
PUA "Hey, you look like a deep girl. What's the meaning of life?"
HB "Um gee, I dunno..."
PUA "The way I see it, all we really ever have is the moment. It's a zen thing. All we have is this moment and we need to be alive in it. Stay fully engaged in it. Light it on fire and burn it up so there is nothing left of it and then move on... Move on to the next moment. You know..? Unless My Name is Earl is on, then F' it. I like that show."
"You like TV?"
Now the ball is back in her court. A nice lob that she can easily hit back to you...

11-05-2006, 01:41 AM
Remember, you have to be able to do more than just DGHV (Demonstrate Generic Higher Value). You have to DHV to her in a way that impresses her. So, how do you know what would impress her? You need to extract her personality, and one of the best ways of doing that is by asking those big questions.
If you ask something huge, like "So what's your story?" or "So tell me about (name of HB you're talking to)" you're going to get one of two responses: "Oh, well I like X and love doing Y and going to Z," or "Uhhhh... I dunno." Just don't let them get away with the latter response. Push them, give them suggestions. If they balk at the huge questions, tone it down for them a bit, and be willing to bust them on being boring too. :P
For example:
Jojo: "So what's your story?"
HB: "Um, I dunno..."
Jojo: "Wow, your life sounds exciting. ;) But I mean, what's your biggest passion in life?"
HB: "Well, I really like X..."
What you do once you have her answers is you psychoanalyze the girl in time for you to modify your DHVs. For instance, if she just absolutely loves rock climbing/surfing/etc., you weave in stories about how you're so spontaneous and love to be active. Take her responses and adapt to them, and make your image into the perfect man for her.

11-05-2006, 01:28 PM
No, you got it wrong. it's not DLV.
In terms of Mystery's method, the "what's your story' is akin to Bait - Hook - Reel - Release metaphor. Read it in the VAH.
The "what's your story" is a bait. She has to DHV to you. Plus, you are trying to see if she is really interesting(besides having a hot body). If you dont know her story, how can you go to A3? Male to female IOIs based on "looks" aren't solid enough. What Juggler advocates is that you can move faster in comfort if you can find out about her uniqueness early on.
In terms of JM, you ask open ended questions so that she has the opportunity to DHV to you. Plus, those questions give you the opportunity to know her better. What do you gain by telling her canned A2 routines? nothing much...
If they dont know how to answer, rephrase the question. If they still don't want to answer, then it's their loss, not yours. Of course they dont know you and you dont know them. That's why you ask that "what's your story" question in the first place.
You want them to feel dumb so that you can DHV? That's so childish... remember that in A2, she has to impress you, not the other way round.
I wont recommend you going to girls and asking lame questions like 'meaning of life". Plus, you are DLV about shifting from a 'deep topic" to a boring "you like tv" topic.
Plus, you dont want to give the ball for her to keep. You may throw the ball at her but it's your tennis court. You lead the conversation.

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11-09-2006, 06:38 AM
hey im still only a newbie but ive read the VAH and watched the DVD's and i thought A2 was where YOU impress her, then in A3 she has to impress you

You want them to feel dumb so that you can DHV? That's so childish... remember that in A2, she has to impress you, not the other way round.

11-09-2006, 07:13 AM
Be carefull mixing Juggler and MM early on in your journey to PUA'dom . The methods have alot of big differences and you can confuse yourself trying to mix them. The reason why Juggler acts big open ended questions is so you relate to what she is saying and create an emotion connection. At the same time your getting her to commit to the interaction and making her hold up her end of the conversation. Its purpose is not to DLV her and make you look more interesting. Its almost the opposite.
Stick to either MM or JM until your really good at it.