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11-02-2006, 11:45 PM
This is something that i heard from a natural one day, ans i was going through and organizing some things and i remembered it. Havent field tested it much, but i would be intrested if anyone thinks its good.
PUA: Omg you're really cute, like a baby!
Girl: Whatever
PUA: Actually have you ever really thought about what makes babies cute? I mean when you think about it they look kinda like an old balding man. Picture it! Their skin looks like an elephants, like its too big for their body. And they have all this puppy fat! Plus they always smell like talcum powder! Babies are cute in the same way that old people are cute... wrinkly and smelly but endearing!
Then you have an ongoing humor anchor and a shared joke whenever you tell her she is cute.
Awaiting your response...

11-03-2006, 12:07 AM
Ones like this are great and always a good backup incase convo starts to get dim -- you can make quick remarks to her without having to hold a big conversation after so she's always thinking of you for the whole night (like as you walk past her later that night) eg. "hey kido", "come on...ill give you some candy", "id ask you to get me a drink but then the barmen might ask for id. ill get my own".
also this says all the right things about you, shows that your not affraid to joke about her and gets her wondering 'whats this guy upto' and then finnishing with the "wrinkly and smelly but endearing!" makes her feel as if shes very innocent and 'endearing' and so she starts to try and qualify herself to you.
nice work.
xx Blackout