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10-31-2006, 11:09 AM
so i was totally stoked to work on my newbie mission tonight, then one of the guys in my band asked to come along, hoping i could hook him up with some white chicks (he's indonesian and a bit shy talking to foreign girls) at first i was a bit annoyed cause he's not really up to witty chit-chat in english and i was kinda feeling like he was cramping my style... then i thought the hell with it, i go out all the time, and dudes, like, reachin out to me for help here. so basically i just go into cupid mode and spend the next hour or so introducing him to random girls, even though it kinda means i'm not meeting anyone myself... then, a girl from my class comes over, i realize that, even though i wouldn't neccesarily mind bangin her, she's not quite up to my standards, but PERFECT for my friend. i introduce them, play up how cool my friend is to her, and... not only do *they* hit it off, but she's got a very cute friend that *i* number close on as well :)
i dunno, not the most amazing story or anything, i just liked the feeling of the good karma coming back around so quickly... i should be selfless more often!