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10-24-2006, 01:09 PM
I have struggled to articulate my thoughts on this, so apologies if its a little incoherent.
Something I have read about in a fair few places is letting her chase you. What I am finding more and more is that if I lean back and let the target chase, it amounts to very little. On the other hand, when I take the initiative and do all of the 'chasing', I find that the same girls are very responsive. Its almost as if they aren't willing to make a move themselves, but want me to. This is true of all stages of the interaction from start to finish.
Am I taking the her chase you thing too literally? When your game gets better, do girls start chasing?' Its not me being lazy and wanting women to come to me only, but is something I am wondering about.

10-24-2006, 01:38 PM
Girls are like deer, all they know how to do is run. If you lean back, they will sit like a bump on a log (and become very aroused). You have to tell them (compliance), to chase you, this installs the reality of the behavior in them, after they do it the first time.
Whoa, now she is a CARNIVOROUS deer!
and that is fucking sexy if I do say so myself.
It's not lean back, it's lean back then LEAD the girl, not leading at any point is DLV, unless you are neutral, then it's ok.
Anyway you still don't get it... experiment with this idea until you do, or if you're happy without it, don't.

10-24-2006, 02:52 PM
Chase cycling works. I got a lay off it saturday. It takes alot more finesse than leading.
You cant just lean back, you have to do takeaways at specific times to get them to chase. If you just randomly lean back then she will leave.
You also have to reward her for chasing to encourage the behavior.
Read this:
That said you're 21 and most young girls love to be cavemanned. So if you sense she is that kind of girl dont be afraid to just go for it.
Chase cycling is more advanced but some girls require it. It all depends on their blueprint.
Final word of caution is stopping the chase cycle half way through the sarge. If youve been picking her up one way then you suddenly stop and try to caveman before shes in the sack she will get freaked out because your personality totally changed.

10-24-2006, 02:53 PM
I think that your abit confused here my friend. Leading is encouraging her to chase. So really they work hand in hand.
You see if Im leading a group of people around a park, they are all following me - or in other words chasing me. If I have a bit of string and dangle it in front of a cat, the cat will try to attack it and chase it around the room, or in other words Im leading the cat in to chasing the string.
Leaning back is not making her chase, its showing alpha body language and that you are comfortable in the situation. A completely different topic to what your talking about here.
You will actually find that alot of the theories are pretty much the same thing just in different context but all amount to leading and chasing (if thats what your looking at) ie:
Bait + Hook (Lead), Reel/ Release (Chase)
Setting hoop (Lead), Target jumps hoop (Chase)
Push (Lead) Pull (Chase)
SOI (Lead), result (Chase)
DHV (Lead), result is IOI (Chase)
(off topic but still important) If you are wanting to look at it as push/ pull you will see the same thing. Or if you want to look at it as hoop theory, or bait hook reel, etc etc you will keep seeing the same thing, they are all the same just different context and different stratergy for what your doing.
By leading you are in some ways chasing, but in your way and I wouldnt look at it like chasing. Reframe it to leading, this is very important as it will change your mindset and the vibe that your giving off.
Remember that girls are shit scared to make moves, its up to us. Chase her by leading her, then she will chase you.