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12-17-2005, 01:43 AM
I've used this first routine twice and gotten a kiss close and a #close. It's a good line to run if you want to build rapport. After isolating the HB, you make piercing EC and it goes a little something like this:
Class: "You ever have that kind of friend that you could not see for a year or two and then, when you finally meet again, it's like you've been apart only a few days? Well, I've figured out exactly what it is that makes those kinds of people so special. It's their eye contact. When they speak to you, it's as if you're the only person in the room that matters. It's as if no one else is there and you feel like the most important thing in their world. And when you talk to them, it's like they hear everything you're saying and understand you perfectly. Yeah, those are the best types of friends. The ones you never forget."
This is a bit of NPL. While you're piercing her with your EC, she's remembering that comforting feeling she gets when she talks to her best of friends - and she will begin to associate those feelings with you. Not to mention the fact that your EC connotes confidence and is a DHV. If done correctly, this routine can shorten the time you have to spend building that all-important emotional connection and you can then kiss or #close basically at your will.
The second routine can be used as an opener, but it's just a slight variation of the first. Here it is:
Make EC and follow the 3s rule (for the opener version) otherwise during convo.
Class: "You make good eye contact. Whenever I talk to older people they say that our generation doesn't make enough eye contact - especially during conversation. And they're right. Whenever I'm talking to someone and they can't seem to look me square in the eye, I get the feeling that they have something to hide. But it's not like that with you. Do you get the same feeling from people our age?"
HB: Blah Blah
The important thing again is that you're suggesting your own value by analyzing the dynamics of EC (while piercing her shit with your gaze) while at the same time forcing her to qualify herself to you via hardcore EC. It's a win-win.

02-06-2006, 07:41 PM
nice man, i tried that out, im not too sure as to whether, on its own merit, it will act as a sufficient DHV that will allow you to move on to A3. BUT, having said that, its fucking great for developing comfort. makes you seem powerful too, if they intimidate me i imagine either the target or the obstacle as a 4yr old. everyone can look a 4 yr old in the eye cause u know you have the power