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Baby Ry
10-03-2006, 04:29 PM
And She still plays games!...........Last week I fclosed a HBstripper that took a few months to seduce. The problem now is she still wants to play games. She'll call me up randomly, want to hang out, then flake!
I'll be on the phone with her, then she'll cut me off by saying, "lets hang out, but first I gotta get ready, so I’ll call you back!"...then she’s off the phone and doesn’t call back!......What the hell! I didn’t 'play' this girl, so I don’t understand her behavior??????
Does anyone know a good comeback when she test me like this? Or even better, why she might be acting this way. I need some suggestions please!

10-03-2006, 05:25 PM
I think most people are just going to say, she may be so used to playing games with men, that she doesn't know how to act normal.
It's just a standard compliance test, IOD her if she won't be a "normal person", it's DLV anyway.

10-04-2006, 01:39 AM
David DeAngelo (http://affiliate.doubleyourdating.com/dt.asp?a=CD1237&b=2&o=) tackles this subject. The advice he gives would be to be a man and call her up on it. Don't make this sound wussy at all! Tell her that if you make plans with her that you expect her to keep them and in return you'll do the same. It's important not to sound needy when doing this and no ultimatums. Just give her a little telling off and carry on talking to her like normal. If this doesn't work I might consider telling her she can come over if she wants and just to come round instead of calling back.
Sounds like she's trying to shit test you to see what she can get away with. Let her get away with it and it's only gonna get worse. Remember she's probably used to guys bending over backwards for her. You want to be the one that is challenging to her. Tease her and be playful and hopefully you can turn this around. Just keep this up and you'll keep her interested in you.
Let us know how it goes.

10-04-2006, 11:41 AM
You definitely need to call her on it. Her thought process is most likely 'I'm fucking hot, I have guys all over me any time I want, I can treat these chumps like shit!'
Not you!
Here is an excerpt from an old email from Ross Jeffries on flaking. This bit covers last minute cancellations. I really like this piece. Try it out and see how you get on.
'Last Minute Canceling
In my experience, last minute canceling is pretty bad news. She is almost always hiding something.
She either already has an involvement and is having serious second thoughts or she has something else going on that is embarrassing in nature that she just does not want to reveal.
Could be a drug problem.
Could be she's on probation.
Maybe her pimp called her and told her tonight's a "working" night.
Maybe her herpes simplex 9 has reached "United Nations sanctions levels" and she is being quarantined.
Hey,you never, NEVER know.
In those cases, just know you did your best and you are not going to get anywhere and should probably be glad about it.
But in about 25% of the cases, she's just having some cold feet and you can get around it.
Here's what you do when she calls:
"Hi Ross, it's Debby Dimshine. Sorry..I can't make it. I have to wash my hair" or whatever lame-ass story she tells you.
Just go silent on her.
Don't say anything.
"Hello? Are you there?"
Then say, "Look, we made plans and now you're canceling on me at the last minute.. I understand sometimes emergencies come up, but when people make plans with me, I expect them to keep them. I'll always respect your time but I expect that same respect back. You call me when you know YOU CAN DO THAT."
Then hang up.
The Very Subtle Implication At The Heart Of This
Now, this is pretty strong stuff. Little or no implication here. But you are still doing this without losing control; you are stating what is going on, you are stating your rules, you are offering to be fair about it and extend to her what you expect from her, and then you are telling her what she has to do next IF she is interested.
With this message, in this circumstance. it is ok to sound a little miffed. A bit pissed. A bit annoyed.
Because, in this case, you ought to be.
Your time is valuable(or should be). This person IS wasting your time by disrespecting your scheduling and wasting time you could have spent with others.
That IS legit cause for a legitimately self-respecting person to be a little pissed.
But notice, it isn't about losing her.
It's about losing your time. You have implied in this message that your time is very valuable by saying you expect her to respect it. You wouldn't expect respect for something you yourself didn't value.
You are implying that you value something more than you value her: always a challenge for women!
You didn't say this directly.
You implied it. Subtly. You silver-tongued Speed Seducing devil!
Sometimes You Can't "Win"
As the Chinese say, "If you can't be grateful for what you've won, be grateful for what you've managed to avoid".
Some women, my friend, are just not worth it.
Some women really are self-absorbed, live-in-the-moment, arrogant shit-heads and flakes and frankly we wouldn't even look at them twice or put any importance on them if they didn't come wrapped in pretty packaging.
Swiftly letting these kinds of women eliminate themselves from your life is the best favor they could possibly do for you!
You need an arrogant, self-centered, flaky or deeply disturbed woman like you need an inflamed pee pee-hole, my dear student!
Remember: set standards for the women who will compete to get into your bed. The man who is the most selective, paradoxically winds up having the best(if not the most) selections!'

Baby Ry
10-11-2006, 08:51 PM
Legion5 your right. Stripper girls are not normal people. Even with all the rapport, I still find myself having to re-seduce every time I come in contact with this chick. But its cool, thats just how it goes sometimes. No two seductions are the same.......So here's my story
I gave her the silent treatment because I was upset with her bad behavior. I said skew this girl! If she wants to play games with me, well than fuck it! We already had sex, mission accomplished.
A week went by. Then I get a text message out of the blue. It was her.....here’s our convo
HB: Bored......
Me: So why should I care
HB: Because you can cure it
15 minutes later I responded. I had someone on the other line
Me: Well im w a friend
HB: K.Well im boarding a plane anyways
and that was it.....I decided to call her two days later and she answers. We didn’t talk long because she still wanted to play the same game. She said she was in New York, (we're both from Cali) and that she could barely hear me. She quickly said I'll call you back when I can hear better. Thats when I said confidently, "Ha, ya we'll see about that."...Later on that night she started texting me to see what I was up too. I still gave her IODs.
Whats with these women and all text messages these days? I hate it!.........And the game is still on......gotta love it. You never know what will happen next! Thanks for the help guys :)