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10-03-2006, 01:49 PM
Opnieuw gepost op ||||||||||||||.com.

Due to popular demand we are planning to organise a 2nd meeting of
Belgium-based members of NLLounge @ ||||||||||||||.com!!
Just as a first one it will be
very informal gathering, held in Antwerp and will follow pretty much
the same structure (see plan bellow). In order to avoid 'the hoard of
wolves' scenario which isn't very productive for pick up, only a
limited number of people will be invited.
As always, the priority will be given to active members. We are planning to organise similar
meetings on regular basis, so if the timing is not convinient for u,
or u are new to this Lounge, u will get another chance.... all u have
to do in meanwhile is to contribute !!
Kijk op de lair voor details.