View Full Version : How many calls does it take on ur part before the girl calls you?

10-01-2006, 08:08 PM
So how many calls does it take on ur part before the girl gets comfortable enough to call you?

10-01-2006, 08:12 PM
And what R the rules on leaving messages?

10-01-2006, 08:52 PM
Zero it's compliance, it can be anywhere A3 and after.
If she is telling you she is too insecure to call you, it's a shit test, (assuming you are at least late A3), if this is you telling this to yourself, it's a bad frame.
If you are talking reliablity (like her reliably calling you). I would say C1. This is the same level as her sitting on your lap, AS LONG AS, you don't set up a bad frame by calling her all the time first.
Chances are you did though. The set up for this one is hard, because it requires not setting the bad frame, and being able to "oversee her comliance".
Long story short you have to be able to game her without calling her more than she calls you, a tricky proposition, as if this falls into the negetives it's lost. (both frame, and the game)
I would honestly try to set it up over a day 1. Essentialy venue change between small locations. For instance, go to a coffee shop, have her get a big drink, get a small one, finish it before her, and then say, you're going to the pet store across the street, and tell her to call you when she is done with her drink, say they don't allow drinks or something. It will be very likley she will go for this, if not confusing but if she fails the compliance test you can always walk back near her location, and when your eyes meet run across the street, (IOD). Maybe motion to her and a do a photo routine after with pictures of you sky diving or something.
This assumes she doesn't call. Anyway set up about 3 or 4 situations like this on your day 1, and then you will have a perfect set up for her to call you just to talk later on.
It sets things up very well.
To answer the message rules, always leave a message, it's creepy if you don't, and only ever call some one twice.
Not even your mom gets more than two.
Hope that helps.