View Full Version : Attention: All wingmen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

09-25-2006, 01:15 PM
Ok dudes, I know the stuff (from MM to RSD to Swingcat to Juggler to Gunwitch) and am always gaming as soon as I get outside. But I want to get the club thing down as it's the hardest thing to do. Thing is, my AFC friends and other people don't understand the gaming thing and disapprove of it. I'm looking for wingmen who are fun, cool and loyal to the game and their fellow PUA's. So no hangers on, no obsessives, no bores and no duds allowed. Sorry guys!
I'm into skydiving, martial arts (proficient), backpacking, literature, videogames, tantra and lovely, curvaceous women;) ! I'm not into sarcasm (=the lowest form of wit), creating and having a good time for all parties involved is the way to go!
So, are you cool, easygoing and fun to be with as well? Drop me a line and we might make a lot of girls happy!