View Full Version : Got Phone Game?

09-24-2006, 07:23 PM
Hey whats going on fella's? I got a number from some chick and when i actually was talking to her on the phone I had some trouble thinking of things to say. I know some PUA's use some material to get the person interested. Like a funny story, anecdote, jokes, etc. Some pattern. I made this thread so we can add some phone game material to it, just to help each other out.
I can start-When i was talking to her i had a little bit of material. I told her," Hey ama tell you something pretty random ok, so dont trip. Today as i was heading to work I had stopped at a red light. Then some old lady drove beside me. I was listening to my radio and when i turn to my left. The old lady made a mean buffalo looking face and freakin flipped me off!"
Then i asked her "so what does that say about me, and what do you think i can do to get her back? ...something evil..? lol"
"I see this old lady like once a week b4 i head to work"
Just a little something...by the way she was laughing...
Please post up, thanks!