View Full Version : Come to join us in Reading or somewhere in Berkshire

09-01-2006, 01:35 AM
Hey mates
Last sunday l was in London with my mate Mike to Stylemonkey NLP workshop.It was super good.After that,we went to Soho to meet Robert-Beckster and other PUAs what we have a beer with,chat about techniques on the game.Realy cool guys all of them,they meet regulary and have fun and help to improve there game. Now,the question is,can we do that in hire in Reading,or maibe other location in Berkshire? l no there are PUAs in Berkshire,and will be good to do that in every week over the weekend or we can get all in touch and see when in the best time 4 all of us.
As l mention befor,l work in a hotel in Earley,Reading,where l can get rooms for £30 a night+ breakfast and l can organise some discountsup to 50% for drinks,even maibe organise some more staff if need for that.
Can contact me on :
Tony Montana
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