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08-22-2006, 03:28 PM
Okay fellas I would verry much so appreciate Iff you could help me out with 5 really simple oppeners specially for newbies like myself!!
And besides from Oppeners how do I continue the conversation after the oppener ?
For instance lets say I Open with the Who lies More Opener and then when I get my answers what do I do next?
I mean After I tell them about Yeah well my friends Girl cheated on him and that was why I was asking you this, where do I go next ?
Having Hard Time figuering this out!
Ive read Venusian Arts Handbook and I've also bought all the DVDs ! But yett I haven't gotten out to start sarging since I live in a 50,000 City and Iff I burn and crash all my beginners then I wont be able to Contine !!
I hope you understand what I am tryin to write
Love Smilezz

08-22-2006, 04:46 PM
When you have a converation its very hard to stick to the same topic. Have you ever noticed that you might talk to friend about weather and an hour later your in the same conversation but talking about sub-cultures or something. The reason for this is because you will talk of one thing and then it will lead to something else. We all know that one thing leads to another; its like improv.
So when the person your talking to replies then take a lead from it. So if she says men lie more you can reply, 'oh really so do you ever lie', then you could talk about honesty. You could lead this to dhv story about lying or trust.
I hope you understand what i'm saying, respond to her response and lead it to something else.

08-22-2006, 05:08 PM
You have the Venusian Arts Handbook. During or after your opener, launch into your next one. Anything from the book will work. You are building your skill of being able to stack routines. If you do it partway through your opener, that's called multithreading where you leave the old thread unfinished and have a choice whether you want to revisit it later or not.
Stack a few routines, a couple of negs, and an A3 qualifying question. The following thread goes into detail about how to implement this practice:

08-23-2006, 12:42 AM
Hey Smilezz,
If you're trying to get the perfect sarging routine ready before you go out, so that you don't get embarassed - sorry, but...it ain't gonna happen!!!
The only way you can really learn and understand this stuff is from time in the field and from fucking it up numerous times. It's hard, but it's true.
Don't worry about your small city - I only live in a 100,000 city. I've been out sarging twice a week here for the last year, opening around 10 sets a night and hardly anyone ever remembers me - so don't worry too much about embarrassing yourself. Drunk guys embarrass themselves far more on the dancefloor every night of the week!
My suggestion is to learn a couple of openers (say jealous girlfriend and who lies more) and go out and stack these. See what kind of response you get.
I like jealous girlfriend because it gives a good opportunity to throw in a few cold reads early. Whatever response they give I can say something like 'WOH - I can tell you're the jealous type - I can tell already we're not going to get along'. Then continue with the story. Try this - whatever the girls say tell them that 'Ok, I can tell you are x kind of person', where x is crazy/dizzy/shy/drunk/stupid bitch. Ok maybe not the last one. And make up some excuse to disqualify her, like 'I can tell you and I are NOT gonna get along - we're too similar! I wouldn't take your shit, and you wouldn't take my shit - and where's the fun in that!!'
Try this for starters and let us know how you get on.

08-23-2006, 05:15 AM
Thx a Million! Ill Get on to it!! So your suggesting Ill give it a go att nights first when people are drunk n so on ? .. and even so stack upp my openers ?. My main fear is that they will reply with : Do you tace poll or something ?, and then I am fucked!
But anyways I will get on 2 it and try my best out there in the Field and I will report back!
Love Smilezz

09-04-2006, 11:39 AM
keep coming up with new stuff if you can, (new openers mainly), since its such a small town.

09-05-2006, 03:37 AM
http://www.theattractionforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=77 "who lies more"
http://www.theattractionforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=73 "jealous girlfriend"
read these posts. they are how style executes these 2 old school openers. whats very importatant is how he talks about GROUNDING. youre asking an opinion because it relates to a real life situation that happened to you recently. in all style's openers, after he solicits the opinions, he says "the reason i'm asking is because..." and particularly if its a 2-part opinion, after the first question say "ok, you see, theres something else, and i'll tell you why i'm asking in a second"
when you tell them "i'll tell you the reason", it locks them to you, because now theyre emotionally anticipating the reason, and wont let you leave until you tell them. its a short open loop, and you wont close the loop until they answer the second part
when you tell them the reason, you reward them for their opinion by closing the loop. also, its a great way to transition into the same topic a bit deeper, or switch to a new opinion opener (new opener recommended)
with all these interesting stories about youre friends predicaments, youre showing you have an interesting life, which sets up to more dhv's
also, since the opinion openers make them anticipate a reason, your second opener can hook them even more by promising to give them the reason and building their anticipation "see, i need to know because of this situation i'm in, its crazy! i'll tell you about it in a minute", then DON't tell them the reason the second time, or delay it. this time, the chicks will CHASE you for the reason, string them along for a little, then tell them (and make sure the reason is more interesting than the first one)
at this point you can eject (make good on your time constraint), or throw in lots of negs and keep the convo energy level high. you control the tempo of the interaction, and make yourself the prize even more
what youre doing is cat string, open loops, and prizing.
this takes some planning, so prepare your reasons for your opinions ahead of time, and practice them. you'll soon be coming up with openers of your own which will be even more relevant to your life and easier to ground
you have the book, you want theory, here it is. read up style's openers and how he executes. its no wonder he's a master. now go out there and sarge!