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The Donnie
08-14-2006, 10:30 AM
Girls love to chat on the phone, whats the best way to handle her when she's on the phone - so it doesn't become lame and boring like most calls do !? Any tips to keep her excited and wanting more ? Many thanks.

08-14-2006, 06:52 PM
you should think about something to talk about before you call her.
maybe tell her a story or something? if she calls and you don't feel like talking, don't answer.
i mean if she asks you something like "so what did you do today?" you shouldn't answer "i went to the mall, what did you do?". what you should do is answer "i went to the mall *insert story that leads into subjects to talk about*". you can use openers like "do i look gay" during the phonecall, just make conversation dude.
and if you're really uncomfortable talking to someone on the phone, just say it. "you know, i really hate talking to people on the phone, i'm heading wherever, i'll talk to you there".
i personally used to hate talking on the phone, it's not inspiring imo :). glad to here that someone else is having the same problem i did, and i hope it gets better dudeman! and btw phonecalls are perfect for dhv imo.

08-15-2006, 04:32 AM
With phone calls, it's always interesting. Usually girls won't start talking and opening up until you talk and open up first. DHV, tell a story, tease her half way through when she makes a point, ask her about stuff she brings up. Just conversation, I guess.
When I'm on the phone with a girl I like, it usually lasts 6 - 10 hours (10PM - 8am) was the longest I've ever done, and it was really weird, now that I think about it. Conversation just flowed.
By the way, if a girl stays on the phone with you for 3+ hours, is that a pretty good IOI? I'm leaning (almost falling) towards yes, but I always second guess myself about this stuff :.

08-15-2006, 04:42 AM
yeah sure i'd consider that an IOI. but i always fear getting LJBFd if i talk to girls to much on the phone too much. i mean of course it depends but i always try to sleep with girls before i become friends with them, just to make sure :). being able to make conversation last that long's not easy, grats m8 :D

08-15-2006, 06:06 AM
Out of interest, what's your experience like after these super long phone calls? Do you normally tend to fuck the girl sometime afterwards, or do you tend to end up as friends?

08-16-2006, 04:00 AM
Yeah usually I end up hooking up with these girls. They're not girls that I've randomly sarged though. They're girls I meet through friends, or whatever, that I might have known for 3 days. They'll randomly IM me, and then after a few hours, they'll ask to talk on the phone. For example, 2 hours into a conversation I had with an HB9.5, she did this:
HB9.5 (2:48:35 AM): hey
HB9.5 (2:48:38 AM): im gonna call you
Me (2:48:42 AM): lol why
Me (2:49:47 AM): you can call me in 5 mins
HB9.5 (2:50:27 AM): k
She called me and we talked for 15 minutes, then I went out with my friends. When I got home about 1 hour later, I was about to put up an away message and go to sleep, when she sent me this:
HB9.5 (4:00:00 AM): im fucking bored.
Me (4:00:10 AM): lol how do you know I just got home?
Auto response from HB9.5 (4:00:13 AM):
HB9.5 returned at 4:00:28 AM.
HB9.5 (4:00:30 AM): WOAH
HB9.5 (4:00:32 AM): talk to me on the phone
Me (4:00:32 AM): like literally, I JUST opened my laptop.
HB9.5 (4:00:34 AM): please?
HB9.5 (4:00:38 AM): lol
Right here I made some bs talk about HB9.5 being psychic and then she said this
HB9.5 (4:01:32 AM): can you talk
HB9.5 (4:01:34 AM): lol
Me (4:02:05 AM): haha go ahead and call me
HB9.5 (4:02:10 AM): :-D
HB9.5 is away at 4:02:30 AM
What do you guys think?

08-16-2006, 09:37 AM
Here is a conversation I had yesterday with a HB10 that I met online

HB: Hello
Heartwork: Guess who!?
HB: wait who is this?!
Heartwork: Who is the coolest guy you have been talking to online the past day or so?
HB: Heartwork!
Heartwork: just heartwork, show some enthusiasm. YELL IT
Heartwork: haha you goof
HB: (laughing really hard)
Heartwork: On a scale of one to ten how happy are you that I called you?!
HB: haha! I dunno
Heartwork; shut up, yes you do, what is it?
HB: ummm 9!
Heartwork: sorry babe but if its anything less then a ten I am going to hang up right now and call my friend Sarah so she can say some nice things and make me feel better, cause right now you are bringing me down.
HB: 10!
Heartwork: that’s more like it
I proceed to go into a story where the cops come and then I stop, and ask her how her day was.
HB: wait the cops came??? What happened.
Heartwork: Tell you what, I’ll let you know when we meet up later.
(more idol chat, getting lots of IOIs)
Heartwork: Your pretty cool, if you are this cool when we meet up, then I seriously think we can be friends
Heartwork: I’m not free most week days, tell me your schedule
HB: Well I’m free this Friday night, I really want to go see Snakes on a Plane
Heartwork: well I’ll tell you what, if you stay this cool and are not creepy when we meet up I think we can make Friday work, sound good?
Heartwork: Alright, call me after 4 when I’m done work and we will set it up.
HB: will do!
Heartwork: Talk to you later
HB: Bye babe

This phone call was done using Apollo's phone game method. A buddy of mine is going to post the MP3 up in a little bit, I will make sure it gets back to this thread.

08-17-2006, 02:57 AM
sounds good. Thanks.

Perfect Dark
08-17-2006, 03:54 AM
I have a hell of a lot of 'phone hours' under my belt but I've never tried any game over the phone, it was all too long ago and the girl I'm seeing now doesn't seem to be the "lets talk about what we did today" type. Though she did act interested when I said "Guess what I did today, I mapped my first network drive".
That phone call was ace Heartwork, some good stuff there. It sounds a lot like the stuff David DeAngelo is teaching. "On a Scale of 1-10..." "I want nothing less than a 10", "You sound like you'll make a pretty cool friend", "If you're not a complete freak show when we meet up..." stuff like that. And Snakes on a Plane? Awesome... I've had the tshirt almost a year, what do you mean geek?