View Full Version : I landed a woman I was gaming for a few months,

10-02-2018, 01:24 AM
As I said in a previous thread, I landed a woman I was gaming for a few months, trying to get back with her (after sleeping with her years ago and breaking her heart, leaving her for another woman, a friend, not a close one but a facebook friend). I have got her in the sack now, usually 1 - 2 times a week but I haven't seen her since just before xmas now, we have both been busy etc.

Now I have some competition from an ex and I would say we both have a pretty even shot, so I am continuing with being indifferent and aloof. My main issue is that I find it very easy to game most girls, and have great frame IMO, however I actually want this girl as my girlfriend and I am coming across a little desperate so need to fix up, I am reading into texts too much and actions she makes, even getting jealous (which I never get usually).

But my main concern, which I haven't experienced before is that she is mad for me in the flesh but shes as cold as me in texts, making this very difficult, shes sending me mixed messages. I'm at a loss of how to play my way out of this position, I need to get into the power position, please could someone with some experience read over this thread and give me my best POA to get into the driving seat and kick these emotions. I'm seeing her in a couple of days she will sleep at mine.