View Full Version : Did she break it off with me?

09-29-2018, 09:49 AM
Um.. Im a little confused. I have been dating a girl for 2 months. It was great in the beginning. She was doing 100 of the calling/pursuing and we met up often and had sex, sleepovers and I thought things was going towards relationship. But suddenly after about 2 weeks ago she pulled back. She started flaking a lot. Was very busy and changed plans.

I have not seen her for 2 1/2 week now. I like her a lot, but she do have a few issues. She goes to therapy etc and came out of a abusive relationship 4-5 months ago.

She flaked again this weekend and seemed she just have me as a backup or something.

After all the flaking I said that this dont work for me. I am a busy guy and she cannot keep breaking dates 1 hour before we should meet up. I said I understand that shes busy and cant always see me, but when people disrespect me by not value my time, I will back away and cut people out of my life. I told her to call me next week and we will take it from there.

She was all sorry and blabla but idunno.

She went out to a birthday party yesterday and was posting sooo much on snapstory of her dancing with other guys etc.

I did not contact her but she suddenly called me at 3 pm asking if Im mad at her. I said no I am not mad at you.

She said Im misunderstanding her intentions, she does like me but she is afraid to jump into relationships right now. shes afraid to fuck it up and dont want to lose me she said. She said that all those snaps was just for fun and shes not fucking around with everyone.

I told her she can do whatever she wants, I wont push her to do anything and I dont mind taking it slow, but I am not a doormat and I will cut out people who disrespect me.
She said she respects me for this and that the problem is not me but her (clicheee)

Her best friend is also dating my best friend and she said shes afraid if things get fucked up with us that she would lose her and she cannot miss her.

We then talked about some other things to lighten up the convo and laughing a bit before I hung up.

I thought it went well but now in retrospect I think she actually maybe kinda broke it off?

Should I now just go no contact and wait till she reaches out to hang out?