View Full Version : My ex boyfriend keeps chasing me to get back together.

09-03-2018, 01:11 AM
My ex and I broke up months ago because he cheated on me. Everything happened when he was at a vacation in Colombia with his family. He went out together with his cousins to go clubbing and have some drinks. Apparently, the guy got drunk and partied with some Colombian women. Youíre probably thinking there is nothing wrong with that because they are just partying, right? Well, everything would have been okay and I would have been blinded as well if I had not seen a picture of him kissing one of those girls on social media. Being drunk does not give him the excuse to do so. Here, he is trying to win me over and chase me because he wants us back; I do love him but I just canít trust him anymore. I tried pushing him away but he just keeps on coming back. What should I do?