View Full Version : Co-parenting tips for 3-year old son

07-30-2018, 04:55 PM
My wife and I divorced not so long ago. It was an amicable separation and we still keep a civil relationship for our sake and for our son. Heís currently 3 years old and is living with my ex-wife. Iím still new to this co-parenting thing and if Iím being honest, the adjustments Iíve had to make are hard. I work in a foreign marriage agency and it occupies me most of the day. Sometimes I get called to work on weekends which is supposed to be my day to spend with my son. So I bring him to a play center until Iím off work. Itís really tough for me because before I had my wife to take care of him whenever I get called in for work on weekends and holidays. My ex-wife is mostly unavailable on weekends now. I also donít want to pass on the opportunity to have my boy under my care. Itís just that I donít know how to organize my time and manage everything. Can someone give me tips on how to deal with this better?