View Full Version : Is migration a perfect way to move on?

07-2018-13, 02:55 AM
The only good thing that happens to me after my girlfriend and I broke up was that I got to love adventures. I am not an adventurous person because I am afraid of heights. I always throw up even with just a ferris wheel or roller coaster ride. The utmost heartache I got from my previous relationship made me stronger than I was before. Because of it, I got to try plunging, canyoneering, skydiving, mountaineering, skiing and many more-- name it! In order to move on, you got to face your fears too. Thatís what I have learned along the process of moving forward. I even tried joining real singles tours to meet new faces. However, no matter how much I tried to forget about it, the pain is still there. No matter how much I tried pretending to be happy, the pain is also growing inside me. It is slowly killing me as days go by. I have realized along the way that the most heart-breaking break up is not because she cheated or she fell out of love with you. It is when you both are so in love with each other but you canít be together for some reason and the best thing to do is to separate. Isnít it tragic? Right now, I am wondering if migration is a perfect way to finally forget about the past. That way, I wonít be able to see her face. What do you think? Will it help me to move on now?