View Full Version : Heartbroken that ex-gf found someone new

07-04-2018, 06:26 PM
Weíve been broken up for close to three months now. I donít know if that time is too soon or not but Iím really bothered that my ex-girlfriend seems to have found someone new now. Some foreign guy. I didnít get any confirmation about this news yet. I just saw this mutual friend of ours sharing an Insta story that had my ex-girlfriend on it. She was cheering on someone on the first story and on the next they were looking cozy with that someone while having coffee post run. I donít recognize that ďsomeoneĒ as a part of her circle of friends. Thatís why I assumed it could be her new beau. Iím really heartbroken seeing her move on that quick. Was our 3 years really that easy to forget?

07-10-2018, 04:48 AM

My ex left me after 25 years. I was out within a month getting new chicks. I didn't forget the 25 years. I'm not on the rebound either. She made her choice, and the only thing I owe her is respect and friendship. The only reason I waited that long was out of respect for my daughter (who was staying with me), and for the final paperwork. She has no more control over my life now, than I do hers. Sounds cold hearted, but that's the truth. Life sucks sometimes.

Quick? It's been three months. How long do you expect her to wait before moving on?
Better yet, when are you going start moving on? You going to wait 3 years? Your 33 years old, and acting like a 17 year old.

Honestly, you need to check yourself. Or, you are going to meet someone and fuck it up because of your hangup. That's the honest truth. You will fuck it up because you won't let the past girl go. You will miss opportunities with amazing girls because you have some sense of obligation to your old girlfriend.

This may sound harsh, but it's intended to give you the reality of the situation.