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06-07-2018, 02:32 AM
Hallo guys,

I am almost finished reading "the game" by Neil Strauss which is an awesome entertaining book to read. I am reading this book to up my game and starting getting the 10s. My question is, is the mystery method still relevant? what about negging ? ( I know its misunderstood by alot of people, you should never be a jerk, but rather give a comment that shows you are not intimidated by her looks like, is your hair real? or nice shoes, my grandmother has the same, she wears them to pick up old guys). and if yes, how do you implement them for example in a 2 set, where you open both, do some DHVs and neg the target in the first 3 minutes before switching to A3 and start qualifying? wouldnt the friend think, hey why is he making those comments about my friend but is still cool with me? or would be she just be baffled by cool routines and stories that shewouldnt notice it? hope to get an answer from someone who uses the mystery method and actually enjoys it (big secret to any method is to enjoy it by the way so there is no right method, just the right for you).


06-07-2018, 09:45 AM
Anyone who thinks "The Game" is a pickup manual is totally missing the point.

As for "is the mystery method still relevant?" ... well you'll have instructors here tell you the old ways are dead, but then still try sell you training in the old ways.

IMO "gaming" will always work on some women especially young ones.

06-07-2018, 10:09 AM
Well Mystery was "The first" to decode interactions with women. However, After reading the book and analyzing my past success with women, I did notice a pattern. 9/10 times where I wasnt showing interest at the beginning and just having fun and being interesting while teasing the girl, I won her over. So maybe alot of the "new ways" share alot of concepts with mystery? Maybe they also teach things that mystery did not talk about like inner game, self belief, self image, social circles?

PS: while reading the book, i was in the bus and sat next to a hot red hed, I thought lets test that shit for fun: did angry ex girlfriend opener (cause i was thinking about it and a friend has a situation)and C shaped U shaped smiles, her face got red,pupils big and puppy look so i decided to switch to small talk which also was playful and got her number in 7 minutes. very light negs involved but she was an 8.

06-08-2018, 11:56 AM
Well Mystery was "The first" to decode interactions with women.

I'd counter that Mystery was "the first" to systemize interactions with women, for the purpose of having lots of non-relationship sex.

Decoding interactions? Society has known the principles forever. (e.g., men are logical, women are emotional. Act confident. Don't be needy. Be funny & interesting. Yadda yadda.)

The real lesson from "The Game" is that concentrating exclusively on "more sex with hotter women" distracts men from building a truly fulfilling relationship, or in fixing other problems in their lives.

06-15-2018, 02:08 AM

I implemented negging infield, you can see some girls reactions to this video

06-16-2018, 09:16 AM
There's no one method of attracting women that works for all guys. Some people like to use "negging" to build attraction while other guys don't use it at all. You really need to just get out there and start talking to women - then you can start developing a unique style that works for you.

06-16-2018, 06:54 PM
There's no one method of attracting women that works for all guys. Some people like to use "negging" to build attraction while other guys don't use it at all. You really need to just get out there and start talking to women - then you can start developing a unique style that works for you.

A lot also depends on the type of woman you want to pick up.

Insults work better on young women because they're generally more insecure, and fall for it.

06-29-2018, 10:54 AM
The book is not really a manual. It does describe some stuff in detail, but is really just shows how all of this came about. I was somewhat involved in the bulletin boards and the group back in the early 90's when I lived in southern California.

Coming back into this a lot has changed. Back then things were still being tested. A few things were figured out, but not everything. A lot of stuff was being bounced off only a few people, so it remained somewhat stagnant and didn't really grow. Then you had the major boom after the book release. Companies flew up everywhere, books and DVD's were heavily written and sold. Then it died down after a few court cases came up against some companies for "teaching guys how to rape women." A lot of companies closed.

Having said that, I find negging has limited use, and overall doesn't work. I have posted that many times so far. A neg should only be used on certain women at certain times. A woman who is being extremely rude, or a woman who likes herself a bit too much. It can work in those circumstances. I stay away from them totally. Why would I devalue a woman to make myself appear higher value? Take a look at that again. Devalue someone to appear higher value. Sounds like a bully doesn't it?
Freeze outs don't work either. If you read the book and see where Erik (Mystery) is freezing out his girl friend and can't figure out why it isn't working and having a breakdown because of it. This is because the community hasn't figured it out fully yet. You don't want to freeze, but go cool. Just step back a bit.

Game back then was one huge experiment that worked because so few people did it. Peacocking was unheard of and worked because no one did it. Today so many people know about game that you have to develop your own personal style of game, or you will just be doing what everyone else is doing. It goes much deeper than dress, routines, gambits, and stories. That was fine 20 years ago, not so much today.

As for Mystery Method, it can work. I personally find it too complex for me. I keep it as simple as possible - Approach, conversation, comfort, close. That's all I need, and it works for me. All of the other stuff is important, but they are minor. The DHV's, qualifying, kino, and the like I sprinkle around in each phase. No need to have a specific sub-phase and then move up - whoops no, go back, now move up again.
I also don't buy into Day game and Night game. Game is game 24 hours a day. It works on everyone if you calibrate correctly (which comes with experience). I don't say "the sun is up day game time" or "Oh shit, it's night time I can't pick up anyone. I don't night game." Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I disagree that game only works on younger women. I have used it on all types in all kinds of locations. As you get more experience you can cherry pick what aspects to use and when. In the past there was a specific "formula" we followed. That "formula" still exists, somewhat, today but it's more refined because so many people have tested things and gotten rid of, or changed, aspects.

In the past few months I have delved heavily into researching and "sarging" on my own. Trying new things and schools of thought from different instructors. I have had to change things up that used to work, but don't anymore because they are so overused. Female opinion is one of those. The ballerina turn at the bar is another.
I would say that today, once you learn the core of pickup and how to handle a few common logistics you should be good. It just takes experience after that. There really isn't a formula anymore.
You go up and talk to her. You have a conversation. If the conversation is good you build comfort and trust. If all that is cool she is going to give you her number/facebook address/snapchat/twitter address, kiss you, or go home with you.

That's my take. Overall, if you think something is going to work for you try it. If it doesn't try something different from another instructor/company/book/whatever or put your own spin on it.

07-07-2018, 10:50 PM
The book is not really a manual.
Amen brother.

It's like watching "Days of Thunder" and believing it teaches drivers how to win Nascar races.