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06-03-2018, 07:42 PM
Hey guys. Looking for a Montreal wing. About me: white, about 5'11', athletic build, 29 yo. I'm decent at talking to girls, good looking. I'm not super outgoing but am a machine once I get going. I also don't play all the weird pua games and techniques or whatever, just a normal guy who likes to talk to girls (i say this bc i met a wing online once and went out with him and he was trying to do magic tricks at the bar). I'm looking to meet some nice montreal girls (im anglo and don't speak french, but if you do its a plus). I'm looking for a similar guy whos comfortable talking to girls and easy to chill with (also not too young). Email me at pua123atl at gmail.com. I'm interested in day game at all the summer festivals and nightgame at the bars (not interested in clubs).